29 Comments on “GAY WEDDING PROPOSAL | How He Proposed | Michael & Matt”

  1. I just wanna say again I love following your journey you guys are an amazing couple I can't wait for your wedding to go live I'm so happy for you both congrats.

  2. Mike you and Matt are so cute I Love you guys keep the Love going . I know the wedding will be great again Love you guys so much be forever happy and bless!!!!!!

  3. I live about a mile from where Michael proposed to you and hate myself for not being around when it happened so I could have congratulated you. You guys are so sweet and clearly meant for each other.

  4. That was so sweet I was wiping away tears. I wish you both many happy years together. My spouse and I have been together 27 yr's and finally got married in 2015, but it was more for the legal aspect, as we already felt like we were. My spouse is the quiet one but I will never forget those beautiful words he said to me after we tied the knot and I quote " I own your ass now bitch".

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