45 Comments on “GAY WEDDING | SO MANY TEARS | Carmine + Ryan's | Lake Placid N,Y | Whiteface Club & Resort”


    I'll make sure to pour some icewater down on you from HEAVEN as you roast in the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!!

    maybe around the 7th or 8th century down there you'll realize SQUIRTING in another man's rectum WAS NOT worth the price of your immortal soul….

    MAYBE. ?

  2. Just look at how loving, peaceful and enjoyable moment this is. Please don’t ruin that by writing hateful comments. This world is full of people who are tying to preach hate using the name of the god. If your god is teaching you to cultivate the anger and hate please find a good god who teaches you how to be peaceful, loving and kind to each other. You could be straight, gay, transgender, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim….whatever…whoever…. all these labels have been invented by you. The day you learn that your son is gay or your daughter is a lesbian or transgender you will understand that your child has every right to be happy like everyone else in this world. If you force a gay man to marry a woman how can they live a happy life. Sadness and anger follows the influence. People are born with different skills, different skin colours, and different sexualities. If you are trying to tell label them as a devil’s act you are nothing but preaching how to segregate people into groups and eventually creating the sadness and anger. It’s so hard to be happy and loving to each other but it is so easy to be hateful and judgemental.

  3. Such a beautiful event and sincere story = but why the "background" music seemed to be the main feature? Nevertheless, all our love to Carmine and Ryan, from Cape Town, the mother city of South Africa, the only half-civilised county on this continent where equal marriage and rights are a reality.

  4. So beautiful! May you two continue to love each other. Laugh at each other silly jokes. Continue to learn from one another. Enjoy many happy adventures. Be strong for each other during the trouble times. Last but not least. Never go to bed mad.
    Much blessings.

  5. Пара противная, много не настоящего, много рекламы лейблов , чуйвст и искренности нет!!!

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