28 Comments on “Global Gay: The Next Frontier In Human Rights – Documentary”

  1. I will say do what ever makes you happy. I'm not gay myself I'm married with 2 boys. My parents say it's not what God wants for people to be gay . That a man and a man can't have kids or same for girl and girl. Except to adopt. That it true. But I think God wants you to be happy. And it you chose that life God knows what's in your heart. That's what I think anyway.


  3. When it comes to homosexuality, Africa is living in the middle ages. Like the man Obama was talking to at the end of the documentary, it's going to take some time before the communities ease on there radical beliefs and understand it's impossible to eradicate a natural behaviour that has been here ever since man kind has existed.

  4. THIS IS A VERY VERY VERY POWERFUL HATE IT WAS IN MY COUNTRY OF NEW ZEALAND AND I WAS ATTACKED BACK IN 1986 BY New Zealand police men and they put a police dog on my left leg a few month before that attak the Homosexual law reform was past. I diden't even do anything homosexual I just a newspaper box up agaist the wall of a building here in Christchurch South Island of New Zealand at night time when two police cars and a dog handlers van pulled up in-front of me and I said can I said can I help you he lunged at me and they put a police dog on my left leg. In the police car an officer then said I sound gay and called me a SHIT STABBER this happened in my country of NZ on the 18th of November 1986 some months after same sex acts were decriminalized in a police cell after they made me sgine a pice of paper another officer c said do you have a girl friend I afraid so I said yes and told them the name of a girl from past school days.

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  6. Donald Trump says he doesn't have a problem with same sex marriage. I am not surprised the UN on this gay promotion. Ironic that 2 yes 2 percent of our US population is gay. There is another agenda behind this.

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