Goosehead Insurance Fires Texas Attorney After Posting Videos From US Capitol Siege


A Texas attorney who appears to have filmed himself participating in the violent right-wing mob of Donald Trump supporters that took over the U.S. Capitol Wednesday was terminated by his employer Thursday morning, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Paul MacNeal Davis, an attorney eligible to practice law in Texas, was terminated from his position at Goosehead Insurance, a firm with offices in Houston and across Texas.

“Paul Davis, Associate General Counsel, is no longer employed by Goosehead,” the company Tweeted around 9 a.m.

Multiple Twitter posts on Wednesday identified Davis in a video from inside the Capitol during a deadly insurrection by Trump supporters.

The video was originally posted to Instagram by an account that appears to belong to Davis.

In the video, Davis can be heard saying, “We’re all trying to get into the capitol to stop this.”

Davis denied wrongdoing in a post to Instagram.

“For those of you claiming I was trying to ‘storm the Capitol,’ it’s obvious from my entire story that I was peacefully demonstrating,” he wrote. “They gassed the entire crowd that was standing there with me. I was not trying to break in. Was just talking to the police officers and praying over them.”


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