GOP Sen. Rand Paul Worked On Crossword Puzzle, Paper Airplane And Sketch During Impeachment Trial

Republican Sen. Rand Paul passed the time Wednesday during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial by working on a crossword puzzle, reports ABC News reported.

The Kentucky senator was also seen working on a paper airplane, according to ABC News.

A Paul spokesman told ABC that “all smart people do crossword puzzles” when asked for comment Wednesday.

The news outlet reported that several senators broke or bent the Senate rules and brought Apple watches into the chamber, played games and caught up on emails.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, was reportedly playing a game on paper during the proceedings, according to ABC.

Other senators were seen reading non-impeachment materials and emails.

MSNBC’s Garrett Haake reported that Paul was seen working on a “sketch of the Capitol” during Thursday’s proceedings, while Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) played with a fidget spinner.

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn was seen reading a book, according to Haake.

“The book is a standard-sized hard cover. It’s flat in her lap so I can’t read the cover. She’s underlining passages periodically,” he tweeted.

Blackburn was accused of breaking Senate rules by giving a live television interview while proceedings for Trump’s impeachment trial were still ongoing, reports Newsweek.

Blackburn spoke to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Tuesday while her colleagues were sat in the Senate chamber, apparently breaking the rules governing the proceedings.

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