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  1. A very sanitized and poorly researched biography, which also omits key details. Among other things, you didn't just wrongly refer to California as 'The Sunshine State', but also ridiculously blamed an all-heterosexual jury for White's sentence. Hello! Juries do not get to decide what defendants are charged with, nor can they hand down sentences. All they can do is vote on whether they think a person is guilty of the charge put before them or not. I also noticed that you did not mention that White took his own life under two years after release from jail. That alone was proof that he was not in a stable mental state. Finally, Milk himself was only notable because he was assassinated. Putting his sexuality aside, there was nothing particularly remarkable about his political career – which only lasted a very brief time, anyway. If they hadn't made a film about him in the late 2000s, he would have been long forgotten. To claim that legal recognition of LGBT rights is due to him is nonsense.

  2. I'm straight and Harvey Milk has ever been one of my heroes. I raised my kids under that umbrella of activism, of fighting for those with less. The world needs as much of it as it can muster. Great piece, guys.

  3. I noticed a lot of accusations of Harvey as a pedophile on this comment thread, but I’ve looked around and found nothing to really substantiate that accusation. I’m not saying it’s not true, but accusations should stay just that if it’s not substantiated.

  4. Damn Simon, after falling asleep again last night with your voice in my headphones, you followed me in my dream. There, you were in a hotel lobby with some big business people and everybody wanted to know how do you spare time sitting with them. Instead you were over the moon showing and preparing to us your new Kabab / Burger / Steak invention – and we bought them. Not to mention that I woke up very hungry.

  5. Ever considered doing Orson Welles? I looked to see if you had. Another favorite of mine is Sir Anthony Hopkins, one of the greatest actors in the world. Just a thought. Thanks

  6. It's sad that we live in a time when pederasts get lionized while priests get their statues torn down, (Father Junipero Serra). Liberalism is a mental disorder where wrong is right, and right is wrong.

  7. “If you are not personally free to be yourself in that most important of all human activities… the expression of love… then life loses its meaning”
    Harvey Milk

  8. Being from the Bay and hearing someone say “San Fran” made me wretch, we say SF or the City NEVER San Fran 😂 But other than that this was a pretty good video on Milk.

  9. Where to even begin with the litany of errors in this video:
    – Dan White was not a raging homophobe. He was a Democrat who opposed Prop 6. He resigned because he wasn't making enough as a supervisor to support his family.
    – The age of consent law in California has been 18 since 1918. Harvey Milk was a pedophile who preyed on 16-year-old boys, one of whom committed suicide.
    – Prop 6 was largely defeated when Ronald Reagan came out against it. Milk had little to do with it.
    – Also, California is not the Sunshine State, that's Florida.
    It's sad. This channel used to be so good.

  10. Thanks for covering such a gay icon, Simon. Given its pride month and you've released this and a video on one of your other fabulous channels about Stonewall, I commend you.

    There's a hell of a lot of hate in these comments, but today you hit it out of the park.

    Thank you for standing firm with the community. ❤️

  11. Sure, he was less than a perfect human being, but so too were JFK, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, John Lennon etc etc. We are ALL flawed in some way – that's what being human is. Let's just celebrate the good they did with their lives and not focus on the negative.

  12. I lived in The City by the bay for 8 years in the '80s. I visit relatives frequently and they all tell me the same thing, "the city is not the same. It has changed. That is why we do not live there anymore."

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