40 Comments on “HIDDEN CAM: #GayWeddingCakes at Muslim Bakeries?”

  1. crowder should try doing this and asking them why they wont make it and when they explain say that he understands and start crying and see what happens. at a christian and a muslim bakery

  2. I see an opportunity for the faithful to work together. They both hold conservative values and Muslims predominantly support the second amendment. So … naturally like hello!
    But the more you make fun of Muslims and the more Hillary and Obama alike lure them in with their lies, yeah not good.
    Just sayin bro you don't have to care about my comments.

  3. I don't trust this guy because he makes misinformation to get views. First of all the second store with hijabi girls never denied him to bake the cake. The third store was bread shop and they told him to go the shop across the street. I bet he wouldn't show video clips even they agreed to bake it.

    This idiot is doing reverse siege mentality playbook by trying to take the blame from radical Christian fundementalist unto muslims. That's typical trinitarian belief system for you, always playing victim when they are the aggressors.

  4. Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” the traditional Christian family and the Christian values are being targeted and hated for their biblical beliefs. It's become very obvious there is an agenda. I just finished reading an interesting blog about a person that went to 13 know gay bake shops and tried to get a "Pro traditional marriage" cake made for him, it did go well and his 3 videos were all removed of course, but the write up on the blog was still well worth the read- http://shoebat.com/2014/12/12/christian-man-asks-thirteen-gay-bakeries-bake-pro-traditional-marriage-cake-denied-service-watch-shocking-video/

  5. You are not killed for being gay in Muslims country but there is punishment for committing sexual act in public, whether male and female or gay people. Also there needs to be 4 witness to see the act unless it is in public where everyone will see it…..

  6. I’m not gay and I don’t support the gays. I also don’t hate them or get in the way of their rights. They are just people, and I don’t care what they do with themselves.

  7. 0:20 we didn't use religion freedom against gays we we didn't do anything to harm gays only because some dude won't bake you a cake it doesn't mean your being oppressed it's there religion freedom to do that just like you have a freedom to only hire gay people in your bakery

  8. Now Crowder is getting trigger by YouTube doing whatever they want to do. And I agree that business can decided who they want to serve and who is of good will (according to YouTube standards, not the gov’t) to use its platform. You can real tell that Crowder is definitely for big daddy gov’t but “rips” Democrat for big gov’t what a hypocrite. And what a god damn joke. After all Republicans are just for big daddy gov’t when it suites them.

  9. religion has caused so much shit throughout history. im sorry but to believe any religion today is downright ignorant. there is no fucking god bruh there has been no true evidence ever presented. dumb niggas be like YoU gOtTa HaVe FaItH

  10. It's funny how liberals are pro Palestine when they would hang "fags" if given the chance lmao.. Jeeze these people are idiots. I could tell you some pretty disturbing things about that culture from my deployment in Afghanistan.

  11. ?
    People's who share the same idea: ONE God, but so many religions. Maby all of you forget the most important part: This ONLY GOD asking you and me nothing more than :
    No people's, groupe or anny representative speaking in the name of God.
    No houses or worshipping places to pray God.
    No holly statues, books or any other signs to represent God.

    God is inside all of us, and when we have to speak or asking somethings to God, we only have to use our heart's and believe he listens to all he's children that he created at his own image.
    Same blood and same God.
    Religions was created by crooked people's who wants to use GOD to them owns interests, and they include WAR and domination to achieve them goal.
    United we stay strong.

  12. As a Hindu, I do not agree with the ideals of LGBTQ. But, my righteousness as taught to me tells me to respect them as humans because that is a human right. But to sacrifice m principles to cater to someone's love and emotions is not something I have to do. I am not being malicious, I am saying that perhaps I will do a better job in my service if I had interest in my services. I hate discrimination, but coercion into "tolerance" is stupid.

  13. As a muslim man
    I hate the left muslims
    Yup we don't like gay people (even tho as a person who had been in the middle east for many years killing them only happens in rural uncivilized places most countries porhibit it but I'm also not gonna deny that being an open homosexual in the middle east is not a good idea and society will be harsh on you but no killings happen in normal cities and countries i guarantee you)
    I totally agree in the point that the left uses muslims as a tool just because they think muslims are a miniority the same way they use transgenders and feminists, and muslima who are leftists and are the ones that are popular on the media are freaking stupid and i hate them especially people like ilhan omar who just uses her religion as a political tool to appeal to muslims even tho some of the things she said and is doing is absolutely stupid.
    I believe that hating on Christians for not serving gay couoles for example is absolutely stupid and hating on them in general for their own views is disgusting

  14. Time to have actual gay couples go in. Get denied a cake. Then sue the bakery for the exact same reason the Christian shop was. Only do this I many states at a similar time. Don’t forget the popcorn, it will be entertaining to watch cnn completely try and ignore them.

  15. Haven’t even watched it yet but I know the outcome. I am SICK to death of Islam excusing from the entire world. I come from a country with a large Christian AND Muslim populations. Muslims Always have the special victim card even though they happily aggressors against Christians in most horrific ways, we are still forced to stfu. I’m absolutely done doing that in my private life. Muslims don’t get a pass with me.

  16. So if private companies are allowed to choose who they serve or engage with then why is You Tube bad for demontization of videos? They're a private company. Also there's nothing in the Constitution that protects free speech on the Internet just like abortion it's a made up right.

  17. I don’t understand! What is hier wrong? I mean, go to feminist and ask her to bake a cake with note on it: “there is only 2 gender”. Why did you make some story, like O my god it’s terrible, that muslim don’t want to bake the gay cake. I will never bake a cake to feminist for example.

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