HIDDEN CAMERA: Muslim Bakeries Turn Down Gay Wedding Cake

HIDDEN CAMERA: Muslim Bakeries Turn Down Gay Wedding Cake

Steven Crowder is undercover once again bringing to our attention something that should be obvious. Watch full episodes of Dana weeknights, live at 6pm ET, …



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  1. The left can't do anything to the Muslims thats defy service. The left wants the Muslims to feel like victims but if they refuse service to gay people and the refusal results in leftist people dehumanizing the muslims, the left is victimizing the left through itself. So its a lose lose if the left interferes. But its a o k if Christians get provoked, because they are on the right. Total hypocrisy by the left.

  2. This right- left nonsense has to stop.
    These shows (fox msnbc blaze tyt) really inflame and make things so much worse by creating tribalism.

  3. I’m gay and I don’t want food made for me by people who don’t like me. So, I fully support Christians or Muslims not having to make food for me.

  4. I am gay, but I can guarantee you that I'd rather live in a majority Christian country than a majority Muslim one. I have no idea why the LGBT movement has this infatuation with Muslim rights in America. If we ever end up as a majority Muslims nation, everyone who is NOT Muslim either gay or straight is fucked up. If you don't believe me, move to Saudi Arabia or Somalia.

  5. "Do you believe they're bigots or that their faith believes in traditional marriage"

    Translations: Are they bigoted, or do they follow the bigoted commandments of an unproven being from a desert text written by people who thought the world was flat

  6. We don’t find it abhorrent? We see it as we don’t matter to all religions that see us that way. Don’t be a victim. If Jesus is that great, he doesn’t need you to protect himself. You guys are such snowflakes. Geez. What would happen if you were discriminated against for how you are born. Shame on you.

  7. If you are a baker for a profession then make the cake the customer wants. Otherwise don't be a baker, etc. – Some of the things that the actor was doing just seemed too much. Maybe that's why he was refused. One Muslim baker said "yeah, yeah." Then he said "no" – then "yeah" then "no." It was back & forth. I can't hear what the Muslims are saying, so I don't know if the video editor was being deceptive in his cuts. Dana, the female speaker, just seems malicious to me. -Finally, it seemed like Steven Crowder was a hetero guy acting. So I doubt they took him seriously. At one point he was laughing when he said: "it is for 2 people getting married." Maybe they suspected foul play or representation.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with them turning down a gay wedding cake. Dude if it goes against what you believe in then why not turn it down? What’s the problem with that? Gays want us to respect them but yet they don’t respect other people’s belief or religion. They can’t have it both ways

  9. The reason why lgbtq doesn't have problems with muslims is because muslims aren't hypocritical….muslims still live and belive and follow the traditions today which they did 1000years ago….muslims are open about their beliefs about everything….but Christians are very diabolical and cynical… hence it backfires on christians…

  10. You should have the right to refuse service. People have the right to not like the fact that you refuse service in order to bring attention to it and you may lose business because people don't agree with discrimination.

  11. I live 5 mins away from Dearborn MI .. and it’s actually a great city I wish the rest of America would understand that the Muslims there are actually just like all of us.. The leaders of their masks don’t put up with any radical bullshit because they’ve been there for so long and they love America just like we do and the E moms will not allow any radicals or anyone to get a footing in Deerborn Michigan

  12. 2 Reasons:
    1. Muslims won't go for that nonsense. It's easy to talk s**t when it doesn't cost you anything.
    2. Christianity is the one they attack because it's the one they feel they're accountable to.

  13. Muslims… if we denied them… oh boy Allah would be having a freak out. Send them back. America doesn't need this. Idc. Not racist. Just over this petty fake religion. Allah is bullshit, so is Jesus, god, torrah, all of it. All over a gay cake. Muslims need to go.

  14. There are only two purely evil religions. Islam and Socialism. Whoever they hate is on their destroy list and the corrupt snakes in charge let them get away with it whether it's shutting down or downright murder.

  15. I as a Muslim believe that Christians should have the full right to deny those orders.
    If you as a Christian doesn't want to make a cake with the picture of two men kissing. You should have the full right to do that.

  16. Won't see this on fake news but if it was a Christian incident they'd be showing it 24/7 It's really unbelievable how corrupt the media has become, I think a lot of despots/dictators are envious of our propaganda tool msm.

  17. You Americans are so hypocrites, Steven himself is against feminism and transgenders so why the f he was defending them at first and now he is against them? Was it all for hype?

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