34 Comments on “History of Homosexuality on Film”

  1. Homophobia exists because when a straight person pictures a homosexual couple they autograph go to sex and when the picture a heterosexual relationship they pictures holding hands or kissing

  2. You forgot the best part of Suddenly Last Summer – Sebastian Venable is not only killed but at least partially eaten by the hungry children who killed him. At least in the play – can't remember how explicit that was made in the movie.

  3. It sucks that throughout history and even now, straight men and/or gay men can't really have close relationships without people assuming things.

  4. Sorry! But Moonlight was a more realistic portrayal than Broke Back Mountain and the script and acting was off the hook! I guess that's why Moonlight won Best Picture!

  5. in this day and age, if you even put the tiniest negative attribute on an LGBT member, you will face some serious consequences.
    we straight people have less free will than ever, and we need to fight back. make sure to stand up against all the anti straight, SJW, PC, propaganda 🙂

  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the most important gay film ever made, it actually brought about changes in attitudes and gave gay people the courage to come out. There was gay people queuing up to see it in drag in the mid seventies and it is also the longest running theatrical release in film history.
    Philadelphia and Broke Back Mountain have straight actors playing gay characters in a pretentious storyline.

  7. "I'm here to talk to you about the history of homosexuality in film, here's a man screaming while getting his eyes gouged out!" Bad fucking choice dude. Did you throw that in to make insecure douchebags feel better?
    I just found your channel, really loving it so far. As a gay man who loves history and movies I appreciate this video. My only complaint is the seriously bad choice to show that scene from GoT. I want to share this but I know many I would share it with would not appreciate gore thrown in something like this, so sadly I will not sharing it. :/
    I'll keep watching your awesome stuff and will certainly share some others videos.

  8. Whats great? I denounced being a lesbian because the bible says we are not to be homosexual. Im married to a woman and now am getting divorced because God yhwh flooded the earth except for noah and the animals and that means he was pissed…soooo, i can't be a lesbian anymore, so what's so great about going against God?!

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