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  2. Whatever you bigots say, the opinions have already changed. In the US, a recent poll showed that 52% of the population supports gay marriage. So suck it stupid hypocrites

  3. @mermaidsareppl222 -Many people call "HELL" fictional and fantasy…But the Bible declares "..Hell isnt a joke and is a real PLACE just like the moon or earth..anyone teaching there is no place like hell is a false teacher!!people live in a fantasy world where they can do whatever they want and be immoral and Not have to answer for thier deeds upon the earth!!How many gay souls are in the place called hell ?saying there is no hell is saying there is no god either!! dont be decieved any longer!!!

  4. This is really stupid. The end-result of gay lifestyle is the same as if we promoted suicide, since gays don't procreate – by choice. Those displaying gay behavior should be treated the same as those that try to kill themselves repeatedly. You can't call me homophobic because a phobia is an unreasoning fear – I have perfectly sound reasons for disliking gay behavior. Being gay is similar to rowing the wrong direction when you're in a lifeboat with people heading for land. Problem or Solution?

  5. @CybrKnyf I agree with the other guy. You comment was absolutely stupid.
    1. Reproducing doesn't make you live any longer or make you immortal.
    2. Reproducing just to reproduce is leading to over population.
    3. Uncontrolled reproducing leads to malnutrition and impoverished youth.
    4. Gay people still have the ability to procreate and can raise children. many do so.
    You are not a homophobic, you are an idiot.

  6. Refreshing to hear how simple it really is, respecting our mutual human rights as Human Beings, on a global scale. Religions are free to believe what they wish, and hate others, condem others, whatever that's all about for them, but they do not have the right to deny others their lives & happiness. There is no "going back" for our wonderful global LGBT community – Global Full Equality Is A Reality Underway.

  7. Wow paranoid much?
    You can't get AIDS unless you have sex with an infected homosexual….. which would make you a homosexual.

  8. Homosexuality is not an import. Africa has bigger problems. AIDS is a big problem for Africa, it is spread through unprotected heterosexual intercourse. What makes it hard to help Africa is their superstitious nature. They are still killing people for being witches

  9. On your 'promiscuous populations' & 'People that fall in this description' well as per my parents and society here in general, all 'White skin' fall in that group too. Their knowledge of the Whites is the English soaps, Hollywood movies, and your Celebrities. If I have to agree to you, by logic I should be agreeing to them as well. So should I? Dont bother – that's rhetoric question. Your bigoted view to Truth(humanity) is as Evil to God(kindness).

  10. Plus, there is the history(truth). The brutal bloody history of Whites. Your Church has never stopped/condemned any of that history – like 'jallianwala bagh'. Church which was supposed to preach love, peace, kindness, and belief in "Him" always had/have done the Devils work of preaching hatred, supremacy, responsible for killings of those who do not agree to the Pope & Co., and its creed. In short 'a book' took over His place.

  11. The biggest, oldest and the worst disease that humans have (ever) is not physical but mental – which include hatred, insecurity, supermacy, etc., Which you are already infected. What is 'same' is bigots (like you) and the faeces itself.

  12. LOL The only issue that I have with Christians & Muslims is that they place the importance in 'the book' over 'Him'. They're a lot more in Bible that condone as well, hell, promote horrible things. Like 'Slavery of Blacks & Women'. From what I know & am sure of it, Jesus lived and died to wash off the real diseases of Humanity – like hatred, ignorance, supermacy… He did not raise a stick against anyone/anything. Yet, Church has missed this very conveniently. & people like u follow them blindly

  13. Oh I believe you. And, trust me you will find it yourself! Well, unless 'He' decides to teach you lesson in what compassion, kindness, love, etc., means!

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