‘I got called f****t every ten steps I took’ in school


Queer Eye's Jonathan: 'I got called f****t every ten steps I took' in school

Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix show Queer Eye. | Photo: Netflix / YouTube

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness revealed bullies at his old high school used to mercilessly mocked him.

The revelation came about after the Fab Five sat down with the gay-straight alliance (GSA) at Quincy High School, Massachusetts.

This is the school Jonathan attended, but the GSA did not exist at the time.

‘I couldn’t walk in these halls, not 10 steps without someone – and brace yourselves – I got called the F word every 10 steps I took,’ he said. ‘At that time, a gay-straight alliance, I didn’t think, would ever be literally allowed.’

He then asked: ‘How long has it been here? What’s bully culture like here? How’s it going?’

A student then responded: ‘We try to comfort each other because, all in all, we’re a support group for each other. We’re like family.’

Fab Five coming out stories

Jonathan also revealed he came out at school through a ‘lyrical interpretive dance’ in the sixth grade talent show to a song by American pop singer Jewel.

‘I got so many questions about my sexuality,’ he revealed.

Jonathan just responded at the time: ‘Yeah, you know what? I am. Super gay!’

‘As someone who got so bullied and so tormented, you guys are lightyears ahead of where I thought the movement would be,’ he added.

During the discussion with the students, Bobby revealed he didn’t talk to his parents for years after he came out. He came out to a girl he was dating at the time, who also came out to him at the same time.

Antoni said he still doesn’t know how he identifies, as a 34-year-old man.

Season four of Queer Eye is out now on Netflix.

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