1. 1:10 lmfao ? this guy is clearly on your side. By comparing legalizing gay marriage to treating pets right he’s saying that the two are both morally right. How did you not pick up on that?

  2. As someone who's a small government liberal I think its quite funny there are people in the US who think they are patriot tea party revolutionaries even though there beliefs are completely antithetical to the founders before in god we trust was on the money mind your own business was on the money.

  3. Looking back on this in 2019, the comment of "they will never try to rationalize paedophillia as a "sexual orientation" made me first laugh uncontrollably and then scream

  4. Can't count the number of times I'd heard that one reason homosexuality was wrong was b/c they aren't married, so they're guilty of fornication. I'd point out the obvious: that if they were allowed to marry, they wouldn't be fornicating–problem solved! "Well, gays shouldn't be allowed to marry!" Nice little catch-22 there…

  5. I usually really like your videos, and most of the time I agree with you , but not on this one . I think your homosexuality,ZIZZ is causing you to be biased. BTW, there is no such thing as a bisexual, you are either normal , or your a queer.Leavingl of the religious jargon , I would pretty much agree with the first comment you mentioned.
    I would say that I'm indifferent about gay marriage, but as time goes on , I'm leaning more and more against it. My gripe with homosexuals , who want to marry , is that it's just fucking unnatural, no pun intended. I'm not going to virtue signal ,and say that I feel it's ok . I truly feel bad for those who are obviously, born ,a homo , but whenever I see those limp wrists flailing and hear their loud lispy overbearing propaganda, that's when I say tough shit, better luck in your next life. Just refrain from your in unnatural behavior , so as to not offend ," normal heterosexual people. See it's alright for us to be offended, but by hell ,if you are dark skinned or a sexually defiant , person ,the sky is the limit for forced diversity and inclusion.

  6. muslims and democrats are same because………….can we stop this "They HATE america my AMERICA THEY HATE AMERICA that fucking line is so dog shit and never used correctly

  7. Love is Love ?️‍?
    Love is a human right ?️‍?
    Adam and Eve ♂️♥️♀️
    Adam and Steve ♂️♥️♂️?️‍?
    We all are deserving of love, even if you're straight.. I believe love is between hearts, not gender. ♥️
    Heterosexual marriage=Ok♥️
    Homosexual marriage=Ok♥️
    "All love is ok!"♂️♥️♀️~♀️♥️♂️~♂️♥️♂️~♀️♥️♀️
    All we need is equality! ?️‍?♥️♂️♀️No matter what anyone else thinks of you, you are perfect just the way you are! ♥️

  8. Two men fucking each other in the ass and yet you call people idiots who disagree with that sick practice, twisted shit. You people want to make perversion seem normal when anyone in their right healthy state of mind knows it's not. You're the idiot and not everyone must agree with this mental illness as a norm.

  9. I can not believe that they are comparing me and my other lesbians and gays to pedophilia. That is not only WRONG but it is also offensive.

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