If Trump Loses, I’m ‘Heading To The White House With The Militia’

A ‘Boaters for Trump’ member says he’s ready to go to war for Trump if he loses in November.

“For me, it’s more like Trump risked his entire life to stand up for the country,” said Shawn Feeley, who works as a contractor.

“He didn’t need money. … He didn’t need fame,” he told the Tampa Bay Times, adding that “everybody is just hating on our president.”

Feeley explained that he’s never seen boats and flags catch on the way they have for Trump.

Asked what he would do if Trump loses in November, he ominously told the newspaper: “I’m still flying it. And I’m heading to the White House with the militia.”

Craig Terry told the Times that he does not own any Trump merchandise other than his Trump 2020 boat flag because he feels the open seas are “neutral ground.”

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