IKEA Pride sofas send the internet into a frenzy


IKEA has released a new line of loveseats inspired by ten different LGBT+ flags. This includes couch designed after the bisexual flag, trans flag and others. (IKEA Canada)

A divisive set of IKEA Pride sofas has sent LGBT+ Twitter into a collective frenzy.

IKEA unveiled a collection of 10 “loveseats” inspired by the flags of different LGBT+ identities.

According to a press release on IKEA’s website, the IKEA Pride sofas were “designed and created by artists active in the 2SLGBTQ+ community” and are a “platform to celebrate identity and share stories of love”.

As well as sofas inspired by the non-binary flag, transgender flag, pansexual flag and two-spirit flag – among other designs – is a bisexual-themed IKEA sofa that will haunt your dreams forever.

The bisexual loveseat is covered in hands, including a pair of three-dimensional, detached extremeties clutching desperately onto the couch’s arm.

The design also includes pillows with the words “when you change or to and” and “nobody believes you”.

All 10 couches, which are part of the IKEA Canada Pride Collection, feature unique and sometimes dysfunctional detailing. The Progress flag loveseat has an array of kaleidoscope flowers attached to it. The trans flag couch has a pastel rainbow with fluffy cloud detailing.

But by far, the bisexual flag loveseat has stolen the show.


Responses to the IKEA Pride sofas ranged from “when can I buy this?” (never, they aren’t for sale) to “how the F**K are you going to sit on this”.

According to IKEA, the bisexual sofa was inspired by a line from a poem written and performed at a Canadian arts festival by man named Brian.

Brian, who features in an advert for the collection, said the poem was inspired by his ex-partner who did not accept his bisexuality. He also recited the same poem when he came out to his parents.

IKEA invited other people from the LGBT+ community to share their personal stories for the campaign. These people and their stories served as the inspiration behind each design.


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