‘I’m Here To Liberate The People!’


An anti-masker was caught on video scraping physical distancing markers off the floor of a Shoppers Drug Mart store Monday in Niagara Falls, Canada, on Monday.

Sandor Ligetfalvy said he was sending a message to “the corporate world” for creating what he called a climate of fear as he pulled the directional arrows off the floor of the Victoria Avenue store in Niagara Falls at about noon Sunday.

As two friends filmed him using a paint scraper to peel up the stickers, he was confronted by staff and the manager, who asked them to leave.

“I scrape for justice, I scrape for freedom,” Ligetfalvy sings at one point in the video, to the tune of Peter, Paul and Mary’s “If I Had a Hammer.”

“Get out of my store, now,” a store manager yells at Ligetfalvy, as store employees attempt to put their feet on the stickers to prevent him from removing them.

“Enough is enough!” Ligetfalvy says in the video, urging employees to call the police.

“I’m not here to cause violence,” he says after employees note that he’s carrying what appeared at the time to be a knife-like object. “I’m here to liberate the people!”

After ranting about the World Health Organization, he declares: “We need some pushback now or there will be pushback never. So we’re not playing around anymore, we’re scraping for freedom!”

The manager then instructs employees to call 911 and lock the doors, ordering customers out of the store.

Ligetfalvy later told the Niagara Falls Review he decided to vandalize the stickers after a recent visit to the store following the birth of his son. He said he felt the “psychology of fear” was gripping everyone.

“What are we doing to our society when we’re promoting fear everywhere we go?” he said. “I’m tired of having to go to a store — which used to be a type of therapy — and now it’s a type of trauma.”

He called peeling up the stickers “unvandalism,” not vandalism.

“The corporate world vandalized our psychologies and we need to push back,” he said.

Ligetfalvy was promptly arrested after leaving the store and charged with mischief, as well as violating Niagara’s mask mandate.


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