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  1. Homosexuality the opposite of hetero sexuality . Much like the difference between Christ and anti Christ . Pray. for the Irish . The Devil has tried for centuries to destroy them . He did it to Spain . America had a reprieve in 2016. If the Irish fall what hope is there for rest of mankind .

  2. Children also deserve not to be molested and abused by the clergy, but the Irish church fell down on that big time, but has the gall to lecture people on morality. The idea that God created marriage for procreation is nonsense. He created the sex drive for that. Society created marriage as a way of limiting procreation. Recall that, until recently, the only way a person could have lawful, legitimate children was through marriage. Also, if a couple married, and could not have children, there was no divorce (especially in Ireland), and they were expected to remain married, even if one of them could have children by divorcing and marrying another.

  3. STRAIGHT people are being used up until now!! You make babies only to be adopted by Gay people..WHAT a confusion in those children's lifes"Who is mummy & who is DADDY??

  4. Imagine if a country had to vote on whether white people could get married? If Jewish people could get married? If people with brown hair could get married? “Oh no, you can’t let gingers raise children! Think of how pale and susceptible to skin cancer they’ll be! It’s just not right! Really… I’m just concerned for the children.” Like seriously imagine if people applied homophobic reasoning to other situations. I find it so unbelievable that it should even be a vote. That just because people have been ill educated on same-sex relationships and believe we’ll all rot in hell, they get to decide whether or not I should be allowed to live happily in a private, loving relationship.

  5. mar·riage ˈmerij/noun the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship.. nothing about gender

  6. She wished Lord to intervene if same-sex marriage becomes legal because, she said, Lord can do anything. After almost 4 years, Lord hasn't intervened, so either he does not want or he does not exist.

  7. What the hell.
    Ok so first of all have people ever heard of overpopulation if you're worried about the amount of children in the world.
    Second of all the definition of marriage can be changed I mean if there is literally slang in the Oxford dictionary then I'm pretty sure they can alter a word.
    And third of all I don't understand how and why people are against queers, I'm 15 living in Ireland mixed raced bisexual and my family don't accept that, but it's good to see and hear that three quarters of Ireland are for gay marriage.

  8. They always bring up children.
    "Oh the children need a mom and a dad, oh we worry how it will effect the kids" what about the kids who are gay huh.

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