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  1. If we claimed to be the new Indians Dyson might have a point. Adapting a political strategy and coopting identity are two different things. First of all Kings strategy WAS original in that he applied Gandhi's strategy to racial oppression, not caste oppression, something Gandhi was not able to do in South Africa. Second, African Americans never attempted to co-opt Indian identity.

  2. no its not. there are people including myself that have recovered from homosexuality…but u can never change ur skin color! i mean…u CAN if u really want to but if ure black u will always be black. homosexuality is not happiness

  3. @clubindiana4
    I am Christan and Bi. For the longest time I was scared and some what angry at God and/or Christianity. I couldnt understand why He would damn me to hell if I had affection for another woman. But then I talked to my only family member who knows I'm bi, My strait aunt, she said "My whole out look on this is simply: God knew all of us before we were even born, He knew our whole lives. It's unbelieveable that he would go ahead and let you been born knowing you would go to hell."

  4. Why is this even an issue? There is only so many notes on a guitar. You can only play so many notes randomly before you start playing the same song someone else did. Civil rights are civil rights. Inequality is inequality. The activists are trying to fix it.

  5. @patriciacarrasco "u can never change ur skin color" .. . actualy, didn't that "King of Pop" fellow, who died a couple years ago, do THAT ?

  6. He made a lot of great points, but what I think is funny is when psychos can read a book that is ~2000 years old and openly and confidently claim it to be fact that we should base our society off of. These are two civil rights movements that are similar and can be partially compared, but they are not completely the same nor completely different and to act as though one is/was more important than the other is immature and ignorant.

  7. Being Gay in America is an Oppression. Just like being Black, Latino, a woman, extremely poor, transgendered, etc. thus anything other than being an "Elite Rich White Heterosexual Male." which for most of us is unachievable by birth or sexual orientation. We must Fight for Equality.

    "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."
    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  8. I didn't know being black was the same as a behavior. The Bible says the "act of" homosexuality is a sin, not the state of being. A black person doesn't do anything to be black, he just is, he can't hide it in a closet, he can't mask his feelings of blackness because it's not a feeling, he isn't compelled to act on his blackness. This is such a played out, irrelevant comparison. Compare it another sexual desire, but not a skin color. An attraction or desire is NOT the same as an ethnicity.

  9. BTW, I agree that civil unions should have equal benefits & protections as marriages, I'm not against gays having rights. As it stands," marriage" as recognized and defined since the birth of mankind, is between a man and a women therefore all homosexuals already possess the right to get married, but that's not what they want, they want to redefine marriage, so it's not a matter of equal rights, it's a matter of social status. A gay union is essentially not the same as a heterosexual union.

  10. I have a problem with people like MED want to make it seem as if African Americans are oppressing Gay people. Thats why I think all of this is to promote the practice of homosexuality amongst African Americans and all it is is "Black Population Control".

  11. How on earth is it being used as a tool to control population or lower birth rate? And in what sense is what gay people do being broadcasted to the world suddenly :S

    Yes, people are fighting to change attitudes that gay is something normal and acceptable, because it IS normal and acceptable, and even though all the scientific evidence says that it is natural, genetic and cannot be changed, there are still people like you who deny that it is and discriminate against gays.

  12. I agree with the marketing of gay behavior/lifestyle. Hollywood loves it. I'm tired bec we're being forced to conjecture over whether we like it or not. Where does this leave our kids? They don't have a frame of reference to make a proper decision. Hip hop community has sold into it. I feel like if you choose the lifestyle then step out of the shadows and disclose it.

  13. people are yall brainwashed…the butthole,anal hole, rectum was not made for penetration..i mean it can be penetrated because it is a hole but the main purpose of the rectum is release wastes….whoever made,created or designed the human body made us with the right intentions….just because a woman has a clit doesnt mean it is suppose to be licked…why lick something that pee comes out of? the penis is safer for the vagina than it is to be in a butthole…

  14. everything made to do one thing isn't restricted for that purpose …men are attracted to having anal sex and that's what they deserve _ you're just mad because you're a bigot & think' its not necessary but its not up to you.


  16. He is entitled to his opinion but he digresses so far just to kowtow.  I am a liberal, and I feel no one should be discriminated against, but gay isn't the new black….  Not by a long shot. 

  17. 1st,  I’ll Say That I Have A Distaste For The Slogan "Gay Is The New Black", However I Do Understand The Concept Of What The Slogan Represents.

    Homosexuals Have Been Persecuted Historically And Till This Day For Who They Are, Just As Black People Have.

    Homosexuals Have Been Characterized Based On The Despicable, Fanatical, And Or Flamboyant Behavior Of The Minority Among Their Group Just As Black People Have Been.

    There Has Even Been And Probably Still Are Laws On The Books In America That Prohibit Homosexuality Just As There Were Laws That Made It illegal To Be Black e,g The Black Codes That Essentially Made Being Black A Crime.

    Homosexuals Are Prohibited By Law To Get Married Just As Black People Were Once Upon A Time In This Country.

    There Are Some Homosexuals That Have Had To Hide Or Attempt To Get Away From Who They Are Via Marrying A Heterosexual (Which Is Outside Their Demographic) Just As There Are Some Black People Who Marry Interracially In An Attempt To Get Away From Who They Are.

    And On A Parting Note: Without Getting Into Specifics; Even Though I Just Said What I Said And Meant Every Word Of It I Still Find The Slogan "Gay Is The New Black" Insulting. 

  18. Rev Dyson is wrong and misguided on this issue just as much as the supposed christian slave-holders were wrong about human subjugation… so said that he willfully rejecting the truth of  Jesus and teachings of  Romans and I Corinthians in this subject

  19. I am so confused as to how in the possibility of the word and it’s without a doubt a empty word is this man a Baptist preacher. Christian and preacher in title only.

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