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  1. I see a lot of Christians arguing in the comment section. Threatening each other with hellfire, calling each other heretics, demons liars filth and slime. Oh, such a loving belief system…

  2. Sinners??? Define destruction ? Seems u read Moses laws not Jesus. You dnt understand what Love means and when the bible forbid homosexuality ??? It forbids lust and flesh lusts that brings envy kill stoling hatred among poeple and d u really think Sodom sins was homosexuality ????
    How far are you

  3. I wonder if the Prophet Moses or Elijah would have been in this conversation? The answer is no! So why are we having the conversation because we hear that the law has been done away with. But again this is also false I'm very much so complete deception. Homosexuality is a sin and that's never going to change the same way is adultery is a sinful Act. Jesus did not do away with the law but that through him the law would be fulfilled. God's word is law he lifts it up even above his name. When they say Jesus never said anything against homosexuality this goes to show how little they know about the Bible or the acts of Yeshua he is the word of God and he has not changed. Judgment is coming and it will not have a second thought in completing the will of God and destroying all sin and those connected to it. We make choices homosexuality is a choice and that choice is a Hell or Heaven choice. People straddling the fence will find themselves in the same boat. If you failed to warn them I will hold their blood upon your hands but if you want them and you tell them and they disobey their sin is upon themselves. Homosexuality is sin and nothing is going to change that not fancy words or fancy speeches it is already settled.

  4. Any person needing advice on whether to attend ANY wedding is clueless, shouldn't go anywhere. I was invited to an evangelical wedding and went, even though that form of Christianity is lame, because I loved the couple.

  5. No one wants to deny self. Deny self and be a disciple. Choose Christ not a friend or family member. Jesus is the one who has the Words to eternal life.

  6. Why is the guy so afraid to deal with homosexuality straight up? why is the homosexual conversation for another time? the dude on the left who is a staff pastor watches a queer show acts like he enjoyed it so he seems to be queer, ask the question would you attend a queer marriage? the dude on the right side steps it and turn it into heterosexuals living in sin oh, that was not the question.why is this guy so afraid to deal with homosexual sin head on,?
    Answer because the Johnson Amendment has not been revoked and because of it homosexual sin and the government government, he stands to lose his tax Advantage position has a Ministry because homosexual sin has been turned into a political topic not an immoral one. And his over expounding of telling sinful people how much he loves them is really a place of weakness. We don't read anywhere in scripture where Jesus looked at sinful people acknowledge their willing sin told them how much he loved them and then still invited them to stay in his home. I don't like to stop sinning. The bottom line homosexuality a sin it will send their souls to and eternal hell, warm these people because if you don't you are not really loving them. And be very careful who do you consider your friends. Jesus wasn't friends of sinners he was friendly toward them but he did warn them of their sin and there lack of repentance would send them to hell.
    Since you're quoting scripture don't forget 1st Corinthians 15:33 Bad Company corrupts good character every time. Warning, do not encourage your congregation to be friends with immorality. They can be friendly towards those people in hopes of being able to witness to them so they may warn them of the Hellfire they face eternally, but do not be friends with them because that will corrupt them every time. We are supposed to be in the world but not of it. If you're palling around with a homosexual you're of the world and why the heck aren't you witnessing to them on a daily basis to try to save their soul from an eternal hell. There is no excuse for weak witnessing the only reason to befriend them his to witness to them and warn them otherwise why be friends? what Fellowship does light have with Darkness if you're going to be biblical stay biblical. This is the problem with the Johnson Amendment, it takes the teeth out of the minister who is subject to it, and the ministers are subject to it because they need the tax write-off, and they don't want to be paying taxes on their property, so the government, the political sinful homosexuals and taking the teeth out the true message and now we have to regulate the congregation to a place of being friends with homosexual sin. This can only lead to the destruction of the church. God help us all, God help President Trump get rid of the Johnson Amendment

  7. Is it a fair topic to discuss? It is our basic common sense that we can't attend gay friends wedding ceremony. If we start to read Bible then we will find plenty of evidence for that. Please discuss about intellectual topic but not foolish topic

  8. Never and ever! I mean who want to see two disgusting men kissed each other in church think that it okay. Still some Christian think and believe God is love everyone no matter who they are.

  9. Since Christians shouldn’t do business with those who are gay, what about those who support gay rights and gay marriage? Is it ok to do business with them? What would that say about you? Would your support of those businesses equal you being a “companion” of sinners or doing business with them? I think you prominently displaying google and Facebook behind you in the video shows that you are definitely in business with these companies. Both Google and Facebook support marriage equality. So are you companions of them? Are you doing business with them?

  10. What's he even doing watching something so demonic….seriously…this is just wrong…don't worry about gay marriage mate….your watching filth and look proud of it…just crazy..

  11. Why are you so convinced that homosexual relationships, even monogamous ones, are destructive? Why would you say the Biblical authors, or even God, would say the same in today’s context?

  12. what about catholic weddings? their beliefs are so…much difficult. Like for example..having to pray a prayer to different saints..as part of the wedding. How should we react to moments like these? Should we even be there for those we love.?

  13. Attend a 'Gay' wedding? No. But Jesus never said it wrong to marry an unbeliever. It is wrong if the Christian starts to follow their religious practices and /prevented from following their own Christian belief

  14. Modern Family. As a Christian I absolutely WILL NOT watch that show. I am a Christian who no longer a lesbian – we DO NOT or SHOULD not especially as an EX-lesbian Christian open these doors by watch this sort of filth.

  15. Yes. it is OK. A certain passage comes to mind: "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" (Matthew 7:3). This is born again Christian talking btw.

  16. What if my friend is a fornicator with his soon-to-be wife should I still go? Cause sin is sin. You don't know what Jesus would do. He was still alive today he would be crucified All Over Again by the church

  17. A true follower of Yeshua should know Christmas is a the Rome sun worshipping pagan holiday of the Babylonians! Yeshua was born September 11

  18. Dear Rick, I'm sorry to have to say, but why would you, as a pastor and believer condone a show like Modern Family, that promotes gay relationships. Romans 12:2

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