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  1. if you are going to be anti abortion you should be pro gay in my opinion. i am anti abortion, pro birth control and, pro gay marriage myself. and i'm a liberal. i am also anti quiver-full. i believe its our duty to not overpopulate the planet.

  2. Their list at the beginning actually got me thinking. My gut reaction is to assume that if you asked them about the nuclear attacks staged by the US, they'd defend all the death and suffering with words like "justified" and "necessary". I know this is extrapolating, I know that even though I have seen countless instances confirming this suspicion in past encounters that those are still anecdotes… but does anyone here disagree with me? Would anyone here be genuinely compelled to denounce my conclusion and give these people a real benefit of the doubt? In my experience, when I've addressed this in the past, even religious sorts chose to argue about why they think those attacks were "justified" and "necessary" rather than argue against me for coming to a conclusion about an unmentioned belief.

  3. This dude was disturbed when the lighthouse was lit up like the rainbow? Shouldn't that make him happy since it's the sign of Moses' and God's covenant? Idk man, seems kind backward

  4. 10:57 Look, I'm not trying to defend Trump after his childish reaction to the COVID situation, but you can't really call him misogynistic when he put a ban on the most misogynistic ideology entering his country. I thought, as an atheist, you'd be thankful for that, at least.

    16:00 "So it really doesn't matter, so it really doesn't matter, so it really doesn't matter, so it really doesn't matter matter matter matter matter matter matter matter…"

    17:10 I mean, if you want to get technical, straight couples can have butt sex too.

  5. Ive been feeling a lot like Lot lately….'Lot, that most righteous man..'" LOT? Man, that was his OWN presentation …but he needed to bring up the guy who offered his virgin daughters to be gang-raped, then screwed them while he was drunk?

  6. Normal well-adjusted individuals: Consenting, loving partners should have the right to get married regardless of sex.

    Some southern brainlet: TORA TORA TORA!!!

  7. I find nothing Christian about "Christians" who want to IMPOSE their (Bronze Age) values on people who may have other ideas. That is why I've given up on Christianity particularly Catholicism and Fundamentalist Protestant Christianity.

  8. The most infuriating part of this video for me, isn't the conflation between Pearl Harbour and gay marriage, but the fact this guy want's to preach to us how "bad" gay marriage is when stood behind a chair.
    Sit the fuck down man, come on. Chairs are made for a reason, why have it on set if you won't use it, please reevalutate your use of chairs

  9. The amendment that overturned Prohibition made drinking alcohol legal – everyone must now drink alcohol. I grew up in a teetotaler house where everyone I knew saw drinking alcohol as a sin. So when same sex marriage was made legal in my state by our state Supreme Court (Iowa), I assumed it would be viewed in the same way by everyone I knew. I was actually rather surprised that everyone got so upset about it. And 11 years later, I can also say that absolutely nothing about same sex marriage being legal has impacted their lives in any way.

    BTW, this occurred right as I was leaving Christianity. I was already headed out the door when the ruling came down and I didn't see why same sex marriage being made legal was that big of a deal as far as doctrine was concerned. So the matter of GRSM rights had no impact on my belief in Christianity. Instead, it helped me see that a lot of the political positions that my family and many Christians I knew were actually pretty arbitrary and reactionary – and not at all mandated by the Bible like I'd been taught as a kid. If I hadn't already had my faith in Christianity shaken by the Bible itself (for completely different reasons), I'd have probably ended up in one of the more liberal churches.

  10. While i do think a big part of the lgbtq/sjw croud is quite over zealous – this guy in the vid is just disturbing. Does he think hes still living in medieval times or what?

  11. Re; abortions… isn't there a bit in Leviticus about going to see a priest if you want to abort a foetus? Really, the only thing they care about is whether you have to see a doctor or a priest, because only their robe-wearing clique is allowed to make that call.

  12. If the will of God is what makes the marriage a marriage, what about Buddhists? What about native Americans? Traditionally, they don't believe in an abrahamic god, so by his logic, their marriages shouldn't be recognized either. 
    And yet: the only thing that ever seems to matter, in these christian screeds, is whether teh Gheys can get the married.

  13. I think I recall reading somewhere that the bible refers to sex as something between one man and one woman. So according to the bible two men boning each other, or two women scissoring, or any number of men and/or women greater than two does NOT count as sex. So homosexuals and orgies do not exist.

  14. The bible says certain people do not even have the right to live. They should be stoned to death for the kind of person they are.
    Where have I heard this before?
    Oh yes, lebensunwürdig.
    The German word used
    during the 2nd World War, that means unworthy of life.
    This was used as a major validation of the holocaust to those who knew about it at the time.
    But yeah, you're the ones that live in righteousness. 🤔

  15. The sheer arrogance of these people thinking that in giving equal rights to somebody is somehow taking away their rights. If anything it shows them to be the hateful bigots that they really are.

  16. If this cretin does not like how the United States is changing maybe he should go live in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Or any other countriy that have has the same religious structure. Different name same thing. Hate hate hate that's all it is it doesn't matter if it's christians, muslims, jews all of the Abrahamic religions run on the same principle. I know there are good people in all religions but if you're religion is based on hate maybe it's time to change

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