24 Comments on “It's Time | Marriage Equality | GetUp! Australia”

  1. Feminism since 70s
    * Replace Democracy with Socialism
    * women dependent on state for resources
    * women HATE MEN+Democracy/west
    * Misinformation + change words
    * Remove individual accountability for women via
    – abortion
    – No fault divorce
    – Duluth model
    – pussy pass in courts
    – Metoo
    – Kangaroo courts in education/uni
    – Removal of due process+video evidence
    – change concept "consent"
    – Allow "abortion" after the child is BORN , its "her choice" (Feb 2019)

  2. How about this to all the hating people in the comments. Your religion is wrong and you're incredibly stupid for believing in a centuries old book who, we don't even have an author for, in a make believe figure who has shown no evidence for existing in the first place. If religion as a whole died out when it should have, along with anyone who believes in it, society as a whole would be far more advanced than it is now.

  3. I like how they capture love in a way that’s not really shown. It was very touching to see how by one interaction between two people later turned into having a big support group for them. Just amazing how things grew from their first interaction! Low-key which this happens to me.

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