21 Comments on “Jay Bakker's Speech On Gay Marriage”

  1. It seems as if all these fanatical Bible thumping Christians in these threads only focus on two sins: homosexuality and abortion, and they are quick to condemn, vilify, and persecute anyone who feels or acts differently about these subjects. Yet these Bible thumping Christians are caught time and again committing other even worse sins, such as preaching hatred of others, being arrogant, prideful, dishonest, hypocritical and getting caught red-handed in the very acts they vehemently and with so much hatred preach against. All too often they use the excuse “the devil made me do it” to cover up their own evil wrong-doing. I think Bible bashers should take a real hard look at themselves and their own conduct before they go charging off to attack other people. I think it is just plain wrong to discriminate against people who are LGBT. Rejoicing in persecuting innocent people who are hurting no one doesn’t make you a good God fearing individual. It makes you instead a hateful asshole.
    I don’t think abortion is a good idea, but that decision is not up to me whether a woman should get one or not, and the decision most certainly should not be left up to right-wing old hypocritical geezers who don’t care at all about the women. To them it is all about controlling women and denying her any rights.
    People who are against abortion are hypocrites because they don’t give a shit about what happens to a kid once it is born. I don’t see them out there adopting such babies.

  2. Telling people the truth about what the word of God says is not hate, on the contrary, tell
    Ing the truth is love. The word of God says you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. And you read the word, you will find the truth.

  3. God loves everyone. However, we should live by His word.  As Jesus said, "Man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.  It's not about what you or I think.  It's all about Him.    Whatever He calls sin is sin.  We cannot debate Him and His word.  His is the Creator and we are His creation.

  4. True love speaks truth, Jesus said, the truth will set you free. How can you, a pastor, speak a non truth and hope people will be set free? Is it not the lie of Satan that got us here, you will have to answer before God for misleading His people.

  5. This poor fucker. His childhood messed him up pretty good. He will do anything for a little attention, especially if it is controversial. Jay, just put on ur big boy pants and walk away from Christianity. Let the church do what does and u need to stop bitching and complaining all the time. Time for u to grow up and stop trying to get attention with ur poor pitiful me, pseudo intellectual bullshit.

  6. The bible says to be born again, not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible being born again of the Word of God, and it is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me. The old man is dead and behold all things become new.

  7. He doesn't "love" people or he would tell them the truth. Perhaps he's after money? Influence? Fame? But it is certainly not truth and that is sad. It is the preachers job to tell the truth so he must be a deceiver. He say's he loves his friends but if he did he would tell them the whole truth, not suppress it.

  8. Judas betrayed Christ, Peter denied Christ, Thomas doubted Christ was raised from the dead, John the Baptizer said, 'ask Him, is He the One or do we look for another?' The Jewish religious leader's claim Christ was an illegitimate son of the 😈 Devil. He (Jesus) came unto His own but His own received Him NOT!!! Jesus said that Adulterer's and Liar's won't be in Heaven and He stated that unless your righteousness exceeds that of religious leader's who are leading people to hell, you won't enter the kingdom of GOD!!! Jesus called Peter Satan and told Peter to get away from Him because he (Peter) was an offense to Him. Jesus told Peter that he wasn't converted, but he needed to be and after Peter denied Christ three times with cursing and swearing, Peter was convicted of his own sin. Jesus asked Peter three times, "Do you Love me Peter???" If you really do then FEED MY SHEEP-but not to the wolves. We just heard a wolf speaking, a hireling that doesn't really care about the flock. If he was a good Shepherd he would protect, nurture, save the flock from sin but sadly all he want's is the applause of men or women or trans-Sodomites or whatever the hell they call themselves. GOD says, 'Today I set before you LIFE and death, CHOOSE…'. And the 🐺 wolf and the bad Shepherd and those who love death more than life said…!?!

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