20 Comments on “Jeremy Irons Discusses Gay Marriage [ORIGINAL] | HPL”

  1. Jeremy irons is an intelligent man i admire, however i don't know where he got the view that same sex couples want to marry only to make a political statement. They simply wish to unify their love on an equal level as straight couples. Also father son sexual relations are incestuous.

  2. He just called everyone on Earth a filthy animal, lol.

    This guy is a way better king than Mufasa ever was.

    No wonder Disney didn't higher him again, he's to smart for them, ge can't be controlled.

  3. If you really think about it all the symbolism behind 'marriage' the white dress that represents ' purity' being a virgin etc.. all mostly don't apply anymore, not to mention how fundamentally political it is. Do you really want something like that as a progressive gay couple? What are you actually saying? I know many gay couples in the UK who have this view much more common than in America. They say the only reason they got married is for legal reason cuz it makes life easier but other than that they don't care.

  4. He’s talking off the cuff. He’s looking as marriage as way to protect and legitimize children. No, he’s not looking at gays having children which is mildly short sided but talking as a gay man, is he being homophobic, no.

  5. Jeremy Irons is saying what if there is a situation like this, and the interviewer didn't quite understand him. The interviewer is thinking his point as a moral question, but not like Jeremy Irons is talking about a situation example. As he said before he doesn't have a strong opinion gay marriage, but what if some people take advantages and do something bad.

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