38 Comments on “Jimmy Carter Says Jesus Would Approve Of Gay Marriage”

  1. Marriage equality… so for him, gay marriage is equality… 2 equal man is going to marry each other. Sin really snatches out the common sense even from the most educated man.

  2. So everyone who thinks everything should be based on the Bible, I guess you support stoning Trump for adultery. I’d pay good money to see that. Let the stoning begin you freaks!!!!

  3. Jesus approved gay marriage!!! The marriage feast of Cana was in fact a gay marriage. The marriage of the father to his son. There is no woman nor is there a bride in that story.

  4. There is no law in the Bible against gay people. And every scripture that anti-gay people use to substantiate their error, is in FACT, scriptures that condemn those who are biased against gays. If you can see homosexuality in your "mind ", when you think of gay people, rather than their humanity in their flesh, YOU ARE IN FACT THE HOMOSEXUAL. We judge as we judge ourselves.

  5. Jimmy Carter is a FAKE PHONY CHRISTIAN. Jimmy Carter in no more a Real Bible Believing Born Again Christian than Al Capone and Charles Manson were Real Christians !!! Jimmy Carter is a LIAR and IS NOT a Real Christian.

  6. Jesus would NOT! approve of gay marriage, Carter was just given a chance to stand up for God and he chose the liberal socialist agenda instead, pitiful….

  7. This man was a poor excuse for a president and an even poorer excuse for a supposed to be Christian which I do not believe he is anybody that thinks sodomites and their lifestyle would be approved by Christ is on a one way trip to hell and unlesss they change

  8. I bet he loves nd so does Jesus…loves fags lezbos, childmolestors…….read ur bible jimmy…..!!!what happens to murderers and homos…..what does bible say ther future is…smart guy…..Hun…???? Weak ole Pres. Bad era for 70's….terrible inflation……weak weak…..!!!

  9. Ïf a man….has sex with another an in his anal cavity…..ole jimmy I think it hurts humans……it is a horrid sin sexual destructive sin…..evil. Same fate as child molestors &murderers…read ur bible Ole Jimmy…..read..!!!!

  10. It’s amazing how many conservatives are hateful! Go ahead judge! That’s gods job! He doesn’t like when someone does it for him. Now let’s talk about how your conservative churches have damaged other people? Crickets!!!! Fuck you mind set conservative bible thumpers!

  11. We dont care about what YOU think tell us about what God says about these homos. Sin is a sin. Jesus will make sure this old man burns along with other homos.

  12. Jesus would NEVER approve of abortions or homosexuality under any circumstances or given any condition.


  13. After all these years , l thought brother carter was a christian , i would like to give him a Bible , he must not own 1 , hes probably not read the Word since he was a small child in vacation Bible school
    He needs to read Genesis and Romans
    But yet he teaches sunday school

  14. i didn't think the day will come that a politician gives blindly advice to people regarding what god would have approved or disproved,,dare talks about god and bible and Jesus .
    he should stick with what he is and know, can give advises on must go to wars and turn other nations upside down,….. in name of democracy.and protect democracy,,,
    god said 'can not serve two masters (eat the cake and have it) can not turn and twist god's law for our comfort and cover our sin either,,
    Jesus said about marriage is this,,to stay single like him if we can .if can not do that,then man and women can get married ,, (that is option two)
    god's love that talking in bible has nothing to do with our earthly conditional love (is earthly attachments and we been told only it would make it harder to stay on right path and carry our crosses ),,not talking about love between man and woman, (mainly based this days on temptations and financial security)that is only our weakness and we put great effort to full fill our weaknesses,, ,,is shocking that and most people commuting sin of flesh and bring god into it,,and make it as their sin is a glory of love,,and thinking they practising Jesus love..
    they all will burn in hell that is true fact,, Jesus told us only few will make it to his kingdom in last days,,
    this gay marriages and feminism and conflicts and wars around the world and true Christians will be hated and prosecuted and foundations of churches will be clasping,, false prophets…all signs been giving to us by Jesus as we see all falling in place,,
    dear jimmy god said love one another is way different than he knows and practised and now preaching,,god never told us to go to war ,and now ex army commander and chief still have same mentality…opening his mouth ,,as a president i like him. probably one of the best,,but not as a diluted christian . all i can do pray for him become true christian and repent,,maybe that's why god gave him extra years..jimmy seems wasted them

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