Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Why Denying Gay Couples Wedding Cakes is Wrong

Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Why Denying Gay Couples Wedding Cakes is Wrong

A controversial decision came from a court in Kern County, California that ruled in favor of a bakery that refused to make a cake for a same sex wedding because …



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  1. This was terrible. If a person has religious reasons for not doing something, then so be it. I'm a Christian and I know what the woman in the bakery did was right. I would have done the same thing. Keep it up ?

  2. It was a WEDDING cake, a religious ceremony. Because forcing the cake decorator to participate in something religious in nature that is against their religious beliefs. This does not equate to a salad.

  3. "The Dictatorship of Relativism." When Objective Truth is no longer recognized and the mind creates the "reality,' then what is imposing on us? It is not the objective truth of reality, but the will of the person or state. In this case it will be the will of the state to impose these false realities upon us because they have no natural foundations of their own for the mind to recognize and accept as reality. So the will, back up by might has to enforce all that is contrary to our human nature and reason.

  4. Stop trying to infringe on human rights, you shouldn't be forced to service something if it forces you to support something you're "religiously" against. Selling a non-specific cake seems fine, but then again, that's for the baker to decide. If he doesn't feel comfortable, then that's it.

  5. Last time I checked you don't write anything on a salad. If you can't see how these are two very different situations, you're purposefully ignoring it. This is why shows like these are utter garbage.

  6. everyone has a right to their convictions, and lawyers need to stop trying to make money whenever and wherever they see fit. This country is trying to strip everyone of their convictions by appeasing to the minority in ways that are completely ridiculous. If a man wants a pair of tits he can get them bcuz its all about money and who gives a flying F about convictions or morality. Lawyers making money catering to peoples insane whims

  7. The bakery has the right to refuse to make a cake for a couple that goes against their religious beliefs. If that bakery made that cake for the couple, that would be going against their religious beliefs. I can’t believe that that couple went out of their way to attempt to sue the bakery for not wanting to make a cake for them. Shows how sensitive people are in this century. It wouldn’t have been hard for the couple to take their business somewhere else. And this is coming from me- a person who supports same sex marriage.

  8. Another way religious extremism is fundamentally responsible for hate speech, bigotry, hate crimes, discrimination, depression, and ultimately…suicide. What ever happened to "treat others how you want to be treated" and "love one another". The hypocrisy is real.

  9. This is non of your business Jim. Ok…I wont to be a tv host an since you have a show then you have to let me be 1!! O…I cant tell you what your gonna do with your show even thou I said you had to? Ok…that's what i thought you f'n hippocrates

  10. Haha so funny, but so true! Open your mind people and stop being ignorant to the real world evolve today for the progression of tomorrow!

  11. I think business owners should be able to operate their business the way they want. If they offend people they lose business eventually they will either change their practices or go out of business. Why is this a issue for the court system.

  12. The illustration completely misses the point. Serving someone food at a restaurant is not an affirmation of a marriage union. A cake provided specifically for a wedding, on the other hand, is a traditional cultural centerpiece of a reception for a marriage union. The point of the cake is the marriage. The point of a casual evening at a restaurant is not. This uses comedic hyperbole to make people of faith look ridiculous, but it fails to match up to the scenario in question entirely.

  13. It's so sad that late night TV has become a leftist machine. Weddings are KNOWN to be religious and spiritual ceremonies, so there is a spiritual implication behind a wedding cake….of which he DOES NOT AGREE WITH. So…Go to the next damn bakery. There are plenty of them that will take your money and make it with all of the pretty colors and glitter you'd ever want. Ya know…The right to free speech …freedom of expression….of association …religion…is only worthless until it's YOURS they are trying to stifle. There is a difference between purposely going out of your way to try and keep people from doing certain things etc, and simply NOT engaging with a ceremony you disagree with on religious grounds. Freedoms only become important when YOURS are being taken from you. Think about that next time you want to use the Government to push ideas on you.

  14. Did they check to see if they made cakes for people who have been divorced, or adulterers? Or what about people who've had babies out of wedlock?

  15. Yes we need our consitution to be respected by all Americans and believe in it otherwise this is why things fall apart. meaning having a belief is one thing but if you discriminate on others for any reason cuz it goes against your beliefs is wrong

  16. Live and let live, but quit pushing your lifestyle and imposing on others. I will teach my children as such and it's none of your business. Now go live your lifestyle. Quiet!

  17. Maybe people with such believes should be a bit more careful about chosing careers.

    I don't like killing cows and therefore I chose not to become a butcher.
    I don't think my boss would keep me very long if I showed up in the slaughterhouse and just sat down in a corner when the killing started.

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