Join Outsports for a video chat Friday night

As another week of isolation, social distancing and working from home draws to a close, we’re reaching out to invite you in for another community chat.

I’ve created a Zoom meeting that’s invitation-only and specifically dedicated to our Outsports family of fans, athletes, all of our readers and followers on social media.

I’ve scheduled this for both 8 p.m. EDT and a second one at 8 p.m. PDT.

Our chat is set for 30 minutes. Up to 100 people can participate. You do not need to activate your camera if you do not want to.

It’s super easy to take part: all you need is any kind of mobile device, smartphone or tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer. Send an email to [email protected] and tell us something about yourself: your name, age, where you are, pronouns and your handle for your favorite social media platform. We’re asking for this information for screening purposes, for your online safety and for our own.

Then, look for the invitation Friday evening prior to 8 p.m. either EDT or PDT.

One more important note: You may need to download the Zoom app, so it’s wise to do that before the chat begins. It’s free.

What are we going to talk about? That’s entirely up to you. Last time we talked about what we’re doing to keep busy, how working from home is going, how parents and kids are coping, the stories that Outsports is covering, which movies and shows we’re binging. And in addition to sharing our concerns about the coronavirus, we discussed missing our favorite MLB, NCAA, NBA, WNBA, MSL, U.S. Soccer, NHL and NWHL teams, and our hopes for the NFL season to come.

Again: start by emailing [email protected] and tell us something about yourself: name, age, city and pronouns. Tell us how to find you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whichever social media platform you use most.

Then, look for the invitation Friday evening prior to 8 p.m. either EDT or PDT.

See you then!

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