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  1. *The BBC is funded with great reluctance by the British people and in very small part by the British government.

  2. How many years before gay married people are all as miserable as straight married people, realise they've made a huge mistake & ask for the law to be reversed?

  3. I don't agree with gay marriage but this man makes some really good points. I've got to give it to him, he knows what he's talking about

  4. Is Jonathan Pie really running for prime-minister? or is it just false news? Reporters and other professionals pretending to be comics do seem to make the best heads of state, they seem to think so in Ukraine anyway? (and they're probably right?) Cummon Johathon' we need to know. 😉

  5. There's a reason it was banned and that was everything to do with mental health! You won't ever meet a shirt lifter who isn't fecked in the head lol!

  6. Why say gay when you mean homosexual? Why do people like this want to normalise homosexuality when it isn’t normal.

  7. How long before you’re saying paedophiles can’t help who they ‘love’ and that it should be normalised with civil rights?

  8. Donald Trump said he couldn't do anything about gay marriage. He is right, his opinion on it doesn't matter

  9. Trump was the first president in US history to be pro gay marriage when elected. Still pro gay marriage. Just a wee correction.

  10. Why do we need the state and the church to get married anyway? You just live with that person and take care of each other and keep the promises you make.

  11. Trump said he was for gay marriage and secondly he said he had no discussion on it because it was already solve at that point. Overall good video.

  12. I don’t get why he completely disregards religious teachings as if being conservative makes u evil, like ok.

    Love the video tho?

  13. Trump did NOT oppose gay marriage. Hillary did, then changed before the election.

  14. Even in your most dire of problems.The professionalism shine's through.Absolute fucking class lol ?

  15. Getting stabbed in the back, with a shard of her frozen piss……. Genius! I'm using that.

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