Julie Andrews was caught kissing Carol Burnett by the first lady


Sound of Music star Julie Andrews has revealed how she kissed legendary US comic Carol Burnett – in front of the then first lady.

Speaking on the Kelly Clarkson Show yesterday, she said the kiss was a prank which went wrong.

The pair staged the kiss for their friend, the film director Mike Nichols. But they were caught in the act by the then First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson.

Original Mary Poppins star Andrews, now 85, said the incident happened in the 1960s.

‘Carol and I were waiting for our friend Mike Nichols to arrive at a benefit that we were both doing [and] decided we would do something silly.

‘It was Lyndon Johnson’s inaugural, so the hotel was pretty packed, but at that hour it was quite quiet.

‘We decided to sit on a sofa in front of the elevators and wait for Mike.’

When the elevator doors opened they were kissing, but it wasn’t The Graduate director Nichols in it. Instead it was packed with Secret Service men.

‘This is my friend Mary Poppins’

The women kept up their embrace, and Andrews says ‘eventually a lady got out – Carol swears it was Lady Bird Johnson – the lady went down the hall, realized it might be us and she came back.

‘By this time Carol was laughing so hard that she went around the back of the sofa we were sitting on because we both had tears running down our faces at being so silly.’

The lady then came up to the women and asked: ‘Excuse me, are you Carol Burnett?’

Burnett replied: ‘Yes, and this is my friend Mary Poppins.’

Burnett and Andrews have continued to enjoy a close friendship. And both women have been entertainment pioneers. Andrews is a multi-award winning film star while The Carol Burnett Show was one of the first of its kind to be hosted by a woman.


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