10 Comments on “K24 Evening Interview: LGBT Rights”

  1. Who is this disrespectful person acting God? Why are people so disrespectful? Calling Audrey 'he' on her face is the uttermost form of disrespect. I can't finish watching this. Also—- Audrey is really misleading: not all Trans* persons are 'straight'. Puh-lea-se.

  2. Well, all due respect for Audrey, if she's become a woman and she's attracted to women, then she's a lesbian. She shouldn't call herself "straight."  As a woman, she is straight only if she is attracted to men.  That said, that man debating Audrey is so stupid. He talks a lot of nonsense and is full of so many prejudiced attitudes. He complains because homosexuals can't have children. So what? The world is overpopulated. If all of the homosexuals in the world started having children, the world would have so many more mouths to feed. Our resources are already stretched to the limits. Also, he talks about gays subverting the family. Give me a break. If homosexuality is so horrible, then why would a few homosexuals coming out of the closet asking for equal rights be of any importance? Shouldn't boys and girls be repulsed by it? I think that secretly inside he thinks that its the most attractive, alluring thing in the world and that's why he's afraid that a few homosexuals coming out are going to convert and "demolish" the entire country.

  3. i don't know why she's laughing, she should explain herself so that we understand where she's coming from. getting emotional about it makes it worse and she sounds dumb. she should challenge intellect with intellect

  4. NONSENSE!!! Who cares about that shit?! The psycho obviously has some serious psychological issues and she needs professional help! All this crap is just a wicked way for seeking fame..how disgusting and pathetic! Get a life!!

  5. Even without finishing this video.. This is probably the most dumb guy ive ever seen on Tv.. He really needs a lot of education and he should really pray not to have an lgbti child or relative coz that way he will really learn the hard way.. #dumbestpersonalive

  6. Audrey u performed badly in this one, u should table the concrete evidence that u were sexually impaired or had a physical sexual genital disorder,all ave heard it was more psychological disorder than anything else so i no longer think this transgender of his was worth the respect it got from the beginning its something she natured twas never natural or a medical condition, he had genitals that were functioning fine we dont even know if he has the genitals or not…

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