49 Comments on “#K24SundayEdition: The Gay Rights Debate”

  1. The most beautiful and amazing thing about God is that, God still has mercy for such a woman and her likes even when she misquotes his word to suite her ignorance

  2. Mr Kinyanjui,we SALUTE you a million times over…job welldone,complete & proper executed …Kenya has been one of the African Nations that had been mapped out & targeted after SA… this is an agenda that they so desperately wish to spread across the Nations in Africa…but "we" are sorry,keep your wayward devilish lifestyles away from our soil,families & children.Let them drag their sick,psychotic,twisted,demonic garbage,together with their HANDOUTS back to countries they come from…cause that s* is darm messed up…

  3. Why the publicity? Simple Question…We respect and love queers…question is…do they respect us? We the normal, straight, and sane? The aggressive foreigners are here to influence our gullible minds. We need to hold our ground, and show them that we have a functional society. We are not a dying world like theirs!

  4. How can we even talk this Gay thing live on TV…its not GOD creation the bad manners were learnt by gays and start teaching others bad manners.

  5. Jecinta Kilonzo you are a disgrace to GOD. YOU have no right to mention or even qoute the bible and Jesus in the wrong way. I pity you. go and be gay if you want but stop misleading people bitch.

  6. when God created Adam And Eve where did there children get husbands and wives from…..General question for the educated……..Religion beliefs and customs differ in different areas

  7. Which church does she goes?im really puzzled with her behaviour and believe..you are pronounced man and wife not woman and woman nonsense totally..

  8. "Oh yes…", that's the only statement I got from the lady. At 13:05 she could not give a reason as to why their private matters should be made open for all and sundry to know. She had no solid argument to put across and the fact that she is a pastor?

  9. If the late author and gay activist Binyavanga Wainaini was in that chair instead of the pastor, it would've been a very different conversation. With such ignorance on display in this program and in these comments, Kenya's LGBT's have a long hard road ahead. Sad for Kenya in the 21st Century.

  10. dear pastor, how much is your soul worth? how much humiliation will you allow yourself ? i see the attraction of donor money if you are the face of your kind but, really?

  11. This is just an awful presentation from both parties. An officer of the court shouldn't be quoting the bible to make a case. The LGBTQ community will be well served with a firm informed, well versed spokesperson to speak on this matter. Painful to watch.

  12. What does the bible say about it ? I stand by it and those that fear ALMIGHTY as well..if those want to do as they please let them but don't force us . I have had 2 gay cousins whom we lost but loved ! You can love but not agree ..Africa has decided let it be disrespect!

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