‘Karen’ Harasses Black Men For Eating Meal Without Masks On As Her Maskless Husband Eats His Meal


A group of black men said they were enjoying a meal when a “Karen” interrupted to demand they show her their masks.

“What you want? You want to ask me where my mask was,” the man filming the encounter asks the woman lurking nearby.

After she appears to nod, he replies: “Why?”

“You don’t see it on his wrist,” the other man responds to the woman.

“How the f*ck am I going to eat with my mask on?” the man filming replies, showing his surgical mask to the camera.

“This woman gonna come over here and ask me why I ain’t got my mask on – my mask right here – she gonna ask me why I ain’t got my mask on. I’m trying to eat my goddamn food. Now how the f*ck am I gonna eat my goddamn food with a mask on,” the man says as the woman continues to stand near their table.

“This woman right here is gonna ask us where our mask is. She didn’t come over here to say, ‘Hey, how you doing? What you doing? How you been? Cuz what’s up? Farmers Market how you been?’ Susie Q right here wanna come over here and embarrass herself and we did nothing to her, over a damn mask. How we gonna eat?” the man asks her.

He then pans the camera towards what appears to be the woman’s husband who is enjoying his meal without a mask.

“He eating? Ain’t he eating with no mask on Susize?” he asks her as the man appears to motion her with his finger to return to the table. “You on the news channel now honey cuz you f*cked up.”


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