45 Comments on “Kenyans react to Obama 'blunt' stance on gay rights – BBC News”

  1. These Kenyans keep telling that being gay it's a choice, not a genetic predetermination. They still don't get it, do they. They might just as well be from the planet Zork.

  2. BBC…blunt as a marshmallow…softening the tough news so it doesn't offend…..President Obama is right, we cannot accept discrimination or bullying based on religion, nationality or gender identity, he also states that treating women as second class citizens is a tradition that is wrong and needs to stop.  just as sharp a stick in the eye as gay rights.
    When he is freed from the confines of the Office of the President, I certainly hope that Barack Obama steps up as a world statesman to point out our world's curable societal ills.
    And moves people to do what is right for all.

  3. Obama doesn't get it. Its not about what he wants or what any one else wants. It is about our Holy and righteous God of the bible – what does he want. God created man and women to have the covenant of marriage. God is the final judge not Obama.

  4. Obama the nobel "peace" prize winning war-monger whom has wiped out countless innocent people with his drone-bombing campaigns but is still worshipped like the 2nd coming of Jesus simply because he's the first black president.

     He broke every campaign promise – including his "guarantee" to close Guantanamo bay (where people are starved and kept indefinitely without fair-trial)

  5. We can't talk about obesity or gun violence in the USA, but they're quite happy to tell us how to run our countries lmao. The US schooling system is currently beaten by 65 other countries. Obama, shouldn't you be more worried about that?

  6. Given Kenya's problem with gangs, crime, terrorism from Al-Shabaab and perpetual poverty, added with Kenya's seemingly traditional and conservative society, I don't think gay rights and same-sex marriage is an issue in the country. 

    I mean, asking Kenya to move to allow for gay rights and legalize same-sex marriage is like asking Somalia, Syria, Iraq or Eastern Ukraine to care about and legalize gay rights, same-sex marriage and environmental protection. It's a non issue there as they have other problems to deal with. 

    Also, Obama may be part Kenyan but he's president of the United States (not Kenya).

  7. okay mr obama u wanna be blunt, lets be blunt. youre a politician first and foremost and have prived that your si called beliefs are determined by the population you wish to govern, not what you actually believe. like when you sat on stage pre election and with rick warren and said marriage is between man and a woman.

    this guy is a massive pussy lol all he ever cared about was being elected. if he was presiding over uganda, hed be profoundly anti gay rights

  8. Obama is a Sodomite and his wife is a man so OF COURSE HE RAMS IT DOWN SOCIETY'S NECK. Too bad 99% of people regard sodomites and pedophilles as the same and a sick twisted vile disgusting mental illness.

  9. well there's enough info that Obama is gay among other things that we won't speak about as everyone has to do their own research. No business giving your opinion on what is a personal matter.

  10. It’s so interesting how Kenyans are against one thing but you allow so many other blatant sins in your country/society. Sit down and shut up, you don’t have an argument.

  11. Obama didn’t you hear what he said he wants nothing to do with Gay rights so you should respect his opinion…Remember you are just a visitor you don’t have the right to force Gay rights when they don’t even want to know about it Stop flapping that cut under your nose?

  12. As A father of young men, I WOULD INSTRUCT THEM THAT it is very obvious that creation has determined that society has TWO sexes MALE AND FEMALE and both are the opposite of each other, NATURES way of telling the Homosapien that there are distinctions and biological difference and fundamental purpose for each sex. AWARENESS AND PERVERSION OF NATURAL BIOLOGICAL LAW. MANY HABITS HAVE CREPT INTO A BLIND SOCIETY THAT SUFFERS FROM BORDOM, A DESIRE TO SUBJUGATE AND ENSLAVE WOMEN AND THEMSELVES FOR GENITAL PLEASURE, WHAT A PITY.

  13. Studies show that homophobes are repressed homosexuals. Actual straight men don't feel their masculinity, "manhood" nor identity threatened by a gay man but a repressed one (one who doesn't want to be but is and is having internal turmoil) will.

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