Kevin Spacey Won’t Face Sexual Assault Charges Because Accuser Died

Kevin Spacey will not face sexual assault charges after his alleged victim died unexpectedly.

The accuser, who was never identified publicly, was a massage therapist. He claimed that, during an appointment in Spacey’s home, he was forced to touch Spacey’s genitals and was asked for oral sex. The incident was alleged to have taken place in October 2016 and masseur the filed suit in September 2018.

When the story that the victim had passed away first emerged back in September, it was reported that there was a possibility that the case could have continued, but, on Monday, the case was dropped.

PinkNews reported that Christina Buckley, the head deputy in the DA’s sex crimes unit, wrote: “During the course of the investigation, the victim passed away.

“The sexual assault allegations cannot be proved without the participation of the victim. Thus, the case was declined.”

The victim was one of several people to come forward against Spacey in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Star Treck actor, Anthony Rapp, alleged in 2017 that Spacey made sexual advances towards him and tried to seduce him in 1986. In response, Spacey offered an apology whilst claiming to have no memory of the alleged incident; he also used it as an opportunity to come out.

Accusations made against Spacey are still being investigated.

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