38 Comments on “Key & Peele – Gay Wedding Advice Cynthia's Reaction Requested by subscriber Funny”

  1. I just suscribed to your channel……what i love is the geniune reaction of you. Thsts what makes the show more special. LOVE KEY & PEELE……..Looking foward to more videos.

  2. I'm like a lot of the guys on here and I'm being seriously honest and that is it's so hard to watch your videos. Your reaction is awesome but that face makes it hard to watch your videos. Wow! You are such a beauty.

  3. I can’t believe she didn’t crack up laughing when the chubby black guy mentioned “Do men wear dresses and women wear suits” I, literally rolled on the floor laughing at that.

  4. This sketch wasn't that funny at all, but listening to you Laugh (OMG!) …. just made it so much funnier … your laugh is infectious … it's a shame you don't do more Key and Peele Reactions. But you know what, watching your old reactions is still as funny and gets me laughing. Please make more vids of your laughing at stuff <3

  5. This is pure reaction …in love with your laugh and smile ..not being a perv ..its just thst you are too cute..i love keep em vids comming …thank you ..made my day..

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