39 Comments on “Key & Peele – Office Homophobe”

  1. “I’m not persecuted, I’m just an a**hole.” They’re getting it, the celebrities are slowly but surely getting it. Years from now, nobody’s gonna care about sob stories, they’re gonna care about how you treated others in spite of those sob stories.

  2. Here's the problem with this video: It portrays a certain portion of gay people as overly flamboyant and feeling persecuted, except NO ONE IS LIKE THAT. So yes a person doing this is ridiculous, but that's the problem no one is like that. So I wonder if whoever wrote this script saw a flamboyant gay man and took it to the extreme and pictured them being like this. So yes there are men like Jordan, but being flamboyant is FINE and you should not picture them like this. This has a false pretense.

  3. Key's acting is DAMN WELL SUPERB.
    these guys can create fire from their accurate bodacious acting talent be it any impression or any ethnicity.
    Love em

  4. I think the reason why most people feel like most gay people are flamboyant is because the flamboyant ones stand out, having said that I've only known 4 friends to be gay 2 of which were pretty obvious, one you may/may not have been able to guess and the other you wouldn't have known.

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