44 Comments on “Kids React to Gay Marriage Ruling”

  1. I am a Christian and quite happy about America legalizing gay marriage. We are all born sinners and there really aren't levels between sins in God's eyes. A sin is a sin god will always forgive. There are allot of Christians out there that are too ignorant to see that. We are all equal in God's eyes

  2. Im proud to know that there are wiser and truly kind hearted kids. Everytime I meet a gay person or meet a person intolerant of gays, I will show them this video. Love is the best reward in this world so please spread more of it!

  3. This right has been a habit in other countries For decades and no one bats an eye. USA legalizes is and the whole world blows up. It's 2015 For Christ's sake, it should have been legalized A long, long time ago.

  4. LUCAAAASS. I was all ready to feel very concerned if he'd kept the same viewpoint, but I love how the span of 2 years was all it took for him to change his mind. Just reading more and hearing more about the world.

  5. I'm so glad to see these kids so knowledgeable that they understand that it is never ok to discriminate people and that love is an equal thing ….we did good America

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