Lady Gaga Makes Special Tribute at Stonewall Inn | NBC New York

Lady Gaga Makes Special Tribute at Stonewall Inn | NBC New York

Lady Gaga is paying a special visit to New York City’s Stonewall Inn, helping mark 50 years since the uprising the catalyzed the modern LGBTQ rights movement …



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  1. The Legend herself the LGBTQ+ icon the Queen of the Gays yasss Mother Monster thank you for always protecting us and giving us a voice to be heard we love you Goddess ? PAWS UP !

  2. disgusting to see all those corporations doing pinkwashing
    Pride will always be anti-authoritarian, anti-police, anti-racist, and anticapitalist

  3. Love her or hate her, Stefani takes a stand; she speaks. Throughout that movie, the question was…"How do you hear it"? I think that question resonates more depth than just about music. How do you hear…what people say to you. I also think she genuinely digs Cooper; but he better come correct if he loves her. If not, don't lead her on…anymore. That ain't cool.

  4. After ALL THESE YEARS!!!
    Still HERE!
    WAAAYY ahead of the likes of taylor swift and corporate giants… the world doesnt deserve her.
    Btw waiting for new album

  5. Gay Pride parades are no longer about any type of civil right. It is now a festival of non-sense, getting high or drunk etc…. Just another opportunity to paaarrty !!!.

  6. Crazy praising craziness. Celebrating Mental Illness for 50 years. Threw up a little watching this shit. If you like your buddy's dick in your ass. Whatever. Keep that shit to yourself. But they don't even celebrate Veteran's Day this long. The people that made this lunacy possible. What's wrong with that picture?

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