Lance Bass Drags ‘Asshole’ Candace Owens For Spreading ‘Racist Ideologies’ That Hurt Black People


*NSYNC’s Lance Bass dragged right-wing provocateur Candace Owens on Monday for promoting “racist ideologies that overtly diminish the black community to appeal to a white ignorant base.”

Bass shared an article on Monday night about a GoFundMe campaign created by Owens for an Alabama bar whose co-owner called George Floyd a “thug.” Business Insider reported that the campaign was suspended by the online fundraiser platform. In a statement, GoFundMe said Owens has “spread hate, discrimination, intolerance and falsehoods against the black community.”

Owens on Friday attacked George Floyd as “not an amazing person” and a symbol of a “broken culture in black America today.”

“George Floyd was not an amazing person,” Owens told conservative radio host Glenn Beck. “George Floyd is being upheld as an amazing human being.”

“The fact that he has been held up as a martyr sickens me,” she said during an interview which was later retweeted by President Donald Trump.

“Anyone that uses this asshole to justify ANYTHING is well, an asshole,” Bass wrote on Facebook Monday night. “This woman knows what she is saying is wrong. She does it to get PAID! Just like that Milo Yiannopolous fraud. #CandaceOwens is a fraud.”

“Apparently, Lance Bass —known to most of us as Justin Timberlake’s fourth back-up singer from decades past—has been going off about me on Facebook bc he thinks any black person that won’t support BLM ain’t black,” Owens tweeted in response to Bass’ Facebook post. “Lance, you peaked in high school. Nobody cares what you think.”

Owens continued her rant, calling Bass a “D-list” celebrity and invoking the fact that her “grandfather” lived “through segregation.”

Bass responded to Owens’ outright lies, writing on Twitter: “And btw, never once did I say a black person isn’t really black for not supporting #BLM. Again more lies coming from your end per usual. I simply stated that YOU promote racist ideologies that overtly diminish the black community to appeal to a white ignorant base. Clear now?”

“And for the record, I never and would never question the “blackness” of any black person. Despite their viewpoints. I simply called her a fraud for these reasons,” Bass tweeted, sharing an article by NewsOne titled: “Every Receipt Proving Candace Owens Is A Con Artist Who Is Following The Money.”

“Oh and @RealCandaceO—it says more about you than me that your using this this “4th string has-been back up dancer” to get attention for your book. And please, as if you didn’t have my poster on your wall. WE SEE YOU,” Bass wrote in a subsequent tweet.


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