Lawmakers Yell On House Floor Over LGBT Rights | NBC News

Lawmakers Yell On House Floor Over LGBT Rights | NBC News

It was a chaotic scene on the House floor Thursday morning after an amendment to help protect LGBT people from discrimination failed by just one vote.



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  1. Its literally like a Bunch of Bickering School Children…..I find H.S debates are more productive than these sessions, lol Sad….I still, to this day, cant figure out how Pelosi became SOH…….One of the most corrupt and useless people we have in politics and yet, worth many many millions!!!!! SMH

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  3. LBGT is anti public normality defying the standard majority marriage style, and moreover it negates the command of GOD that everything is created as positive/negative match. It is libido, by perversion, lacking the covering lid of reasonable taste.

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