32 Comments on “LGBT Discrimination: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. Baker isn't a slave – nobody CAN'T and SHOULD NOT force him to make a cake if he doesn't want to. Nobody can't force him to do any labor.

    He didn't even refuse to sell them anything. He just refused to make a new one. (cause he is deeply religious person and that action would make him co-sinner)

  2. Another fast talking lying jew telling us to become homosexuals. Jews wasnt all Christians to become homosexuals. TURN OFF THE TV WHEN YOU SEE A JEW TRYING TO MAKE YOU A DEGENERATE

  3. There are only two genders. You cannot switch your gender (unless you figure out how to change all your 46 chromosomes, change the psychological structure of your brain and nullify the numerous other differences between men and women). A breast implant and a mutilated body doesn't change your gender. GID is a mental disorder. Get help.

  4. Ok so following you’re religion is a crime now?? So dressing how you want and wearing a scarf is religious freedom???? what’s the world coming to. Not into discrimination at all but to disrespect people back is not getting us anywhere. Kill people with kindness cause anger gets us nowhere.

  5. I believe that government should not be involved in marriages, and let people marry whom they want. With that being said, I also believe that government should not be involved in private buisness either, and that the business owner should decide how they should run their business how they see fit. Let the free market decide. If the business owner wants to discriminate for any reason, then let them do so, and leave their decision up to the free market. If their business fails due to their decision to discriminate, then that was the risk they took on their own. No one should tell anyone whom they can't marry, and no one should tell someone what they can't do with their buisness either. Leave people alone.

  6. I actually agree with the idea that you can refuse service, Fire or whatever to someone based on their sexual orientation

  7. Marriage between two men is bullshit but if they want to get married by the state then so be it it’s not like Christians churches are going to allow it even Christianity doesn’t allow premarital sex and most Christians do so follow your own beliefs before you try to enforce it as a law to others and god bless

  8. Public shaming of the Baker was really over the top here. Shame on you, team behind this show, to uncover material and make such jokes about him. I just wonder, they made an episode about the fatality of public shaming, and here we go, they are publicly shaming a person who just doesn’t share the idea of gay marriage. Yes, for the progressive society he may be wrong, but wtf 30m watch this show. What I say is, his peaceful life may be over just because the team of Last Week Tonight couldn’t find more appropriate candidate to make content. John Oliver himself said they carefully weigh the consequences of their statements and content, but then again, what the fuck is this then?

  9. Too bad the house will never pass it. :c please don't stop talking about these issues, John. Seeing all things the Trump administration has tried to put through or repeal to discriminate against us genuinely makes me want to die. Watching you talk about this makes me feel a little better. It makes despair somewhat bearable.

  10. I apologize on behalf of Michigan truly sad to still see discrimination just because you love someone of the same gender. Disturbing. I hope that doctor lost their job.

  11. so christians can NOT be forced to work on a sabbath but they CAN be forced to bake a gay couples wedding cake?
    are you sure you know what you´re doing, USA?

  12. its just hard to promote gay marriage on account of the two co-sinners getting to spend eternity in each others' arms…. as they roast in the LAKE OF FIRE for eternity……. ?

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