7 Comments on “LGBT Rights are Human Rights”

  1. Nope they aren't human rights, the UN council voted that the family (man and a woman) that gives birth to kids is the real family ,the natural one that must be protected not this abominations !

  2. The president of the european parlament, president of european council and president of european comission are not voted by the european people ! this is no democracy ! it is a dictatorship ! I do not recognize these institutions nor this union in which I wasn't asked if I want to enter !

  3. Why do you have to change for them just because some unelected narcissists want you to?    Why don't they have to change for you?   Historically that's been the normal way to go.  Empowering the mad sounds like part of a bigger plan.

  4. I have nothing against their human rights. Their extravagant ways is personal business. But I am not thrilled at the thought that my children will have to support them in their old age, even if by way of SS, because they are not known for strong family orientation. I think it is fair to have special tax on their way of life for financing their retirement.

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