LGBTQ Pride & The Sip-In | First Person #8 | PBS Digital Studios

LGBTQ Pride & The Sip-In | First Person #8 | PBS Digital Studios

In the eighth episode of PBS Digital Studios’ First Person, “LGBTQ Pride and The Sip-In”, host Kristin Russo comes at you from from Greenwich Village! Before …



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  1. This is amazingly wonderful, I've just been learning about the history around pride and it's probably the most ignored chapter of American History that really ought to be taught more. Thank you for making this!

  2. This is such a great work!! Well edited, filmed and his history telling is very amusing!! My fav one yet, don't stop this serie Kristin ;')

  3. The paragraph describing this video is wildly inaccurate. The Mattachine Society was created in Los Angeles. There were other riots around the country before Stonewall; it was just the one that got the publicity. There is no "epicenter of all things gay," and those who claim the distinction for New York are regional zealots, not historians.

  4. This certainly is interesting 🙂 Thank you so much for enlightening me more with every episode and keep up the good work! Ye are amazing!

  5. LOVE Julius's Bar because of the rich history! If you look closely you will find a picture of Francesca when you walk into the bar on the left hand side of the entrance!!! She has on a sequin mini dress with her back facing the camera.  #LEGENDARY  @First Person

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