22 Comments on “Libertarian Views on Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. Please keep in mind that "LearnLiberty" doesn't take stances on issues. The professors in our videos present their opinions, but LearnLiberty is just a platform for them to do so. Thank you for watching!

  2. I have gay family members and I'ma against gay marriage. It's not so much to discriminate the person itself, it's just seeing value in a mother and father family structure. A woman cannot be a father plain and simple. Just as a transgender man can't be an actual man because of the opposite hemisphere in the brain that males and female function on. I also see extreme value in tradition and simple Life. With time and technology advancing we are steering to a point of chaos and immorality.

  3. So then the government should recognize civil Tri marriages and quad marriages, Etc and so on?? Meaning the great big wide door of rights needs to be open to Bisexuals also. How can we be so Intolerant? So traditional? So conservative? So bigoted? Bisexuals have their own unique needs, separate and apart from gays. Do they not? All lusts of all people MUST be accommodated. That is fairness and equality and tolerance . Come on Supreme Court, lets get on it! You're lagging behind the times.

  4. Yeah but you can't rewrite morality Some agree somewhat disagree But she can't rewrite God and immorality That means we can rewrite meaning morality even Murder

  5. LOL, he is clearly insane. Two men getting married has nothing at all to do with anyone else. My marriage is not affected by another two people getting married, how strange that he thinks a gay marriage affects his marriage when it has nothing to do with him?

    He is saying clearly that his issue is about being told he can’t use ‘marriage’ as a vehicle to discriminate against others, and he clearly enjoys discriminating, he doesn’t want that enjoyment taken away because he is a bigot.

  6. I don't think marriage is a fundamental personal right.
    The only reason for marriage to exist is its fundation for procreation.
    You can choose to love anyone between now and then unless you start to take the responbility for next generation

  7. LGBT is a spirit of sexual perversion forcing its way to a decent & genuine society to destroy. The Roman empire crumbled to sexual perversion and so would be the Western society.

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