8 Comments on “!!livestream!! GAY RIGHTS!!! (Epidose 02)”

  1. Nagyon jól beszélitek a magyart! / you speak hungarian very well!
    I personally can speak english and now i am learning korean, then (or maybe before i finish korean) i’ll learn german 😉

  2. We have started making a new series of videos and live streams about social issues, this is the second episode, here is the link to the first one about female body hair:
    Sziasztok, új videosorozatot indítunk társadalmi problémák-témakörben. Itt a link az első videóhoz, ami a női testszőrzetről szólt:
    Peace 🙂 ☮ ❤

  3. I don't get people, who are against Gay marriage or simply against gays, ,,CaUsE ThEy'Re GaY!" or ,,CaUsE ThEy'Re BaD!" and bullshit like that… Why? They harm you or what? No? Then shut the fuck up haters! #gayrights ?️‍?

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