louis c. k. on gay marriage

louis c. k. on gay marriage

louis c. k. explaining what’s wrong with haters.



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  1. "This guy is" not "this guys." And it's liberal, not "libril." Seriously, if you're going to call someone a dumb liberal, at least use proper grammar.

  2. My opinion on the issue is this. Banning gay marriage because of a few religious nuts is like banning romantic movies because I hate it when my girlfriend makes me watch them. I'd be laughed at for saying "Yea, romantic movies are immoral and wrong because I don't like seeing them or hearing about them and the sight of them makes children become romantic!" Change romantic movies with gay marriages (respectively) and you have the same exact argument >.>

  3. I think it's hilarious that the U.S. as the, supposedly, progressive country that it is, has such issues with things that don't affect people in their everyday lives.

    How does it affect you that two men, or women, marry each other?

  4. I can't wait till religion fizzles out, it's happening but not fast enough. They hold back human advances in so many ways I'm afraid they will destroy us before science can save us.

  5. It must be a scary time for conservatives. With the American public becoming more liberal on issues such as gay marriage. People who are anti gay marriage are now the minority of the public in 2008 47 percent approved of gay marriage now it is 51 percent.

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