1. I can fully understand now what he’s singing about ? I prefer mens so what’s your problem? we are all just human beings that’s it.❤️

  2. i’m not gay and i do think that god made everyone to be straight but i support gay marriage and stuff like it’s so dumb we even have to fight over this kind of stuff, if a guy likes a guy let him be!!! it’s not messing with you, you know what i mean? it’s his life

  3. I litarally came out to my dad and we were in his car he told me that
    1. i ruined his
    2. i gave him more bad news ( his gf died)
    3.he still. loves me he just doesn't
    support my ways
    4.he left for like 5 minutes
    this was sooooo scary now im in my room wondering what my other family members will think of me ???????????

  4. you got no child of your own (adopt doesn't count), you can't fuck through 3 holes, you can't titfuck your wife, you can't kiss your wife lips. is this what you wanted?

  5. There ya go this changed my ways on how I see things cause let's just say i was raised by parents who hate these poeple :/

  6. Listening to this song again. Only now, after Lil Nas X takes on gay. Hip hop is moving forward, breaking prejudices and accepting diversity. Dude, it's so good to see that society is evolving. We feel safer to love who we love ❤️?️‍?

  7. American the brave huh… That whole first verse and flow is a complete copy of atmospheres newer style wtf …. this shits crazy sounds iust like the song "yesterday" by atmosphere … Tf slug need. check for this

  8. A lyric caught my attention… Just thought someone would like to here this, I am a right wing, I support lgbt and I'm bi/gay myself. (still a bit confused :/)

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