MAGA ‘Karen’ Loses Her Dentures While Hurling Xenophobic Abuse At Asian Woman


A Trump supporter attending a MAGA rally in Beverly Hills, California, this weekend lost her dentures several times while hurling xenophobic remarks at an Asian woman, telling her to “go back to where her ancestors came from.”

The woman, who identified herself in a viral video as Carla after being called a “Karen” by the crowd, can be seen wearing Trump 2020 gear while unleashing a hateful, xenophobic attack at a counter-protester.

“F*ck communism,” Carla yells while struggling to keep her dentures in.

“The woman apparently has a pattern of being fired up and getting in people’s faces at these kinds of rallies,” reports TMZ, who shared an earlier video of Carla getting into heated arguments with counter-protesters.


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