Marjorie Lectures LGBTQ+ Americans About Their “Sexual Preference” In Twitter Rant


QAnon conspiracy theorist and GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) unleashed a Twitter tirade attacking LGBTQ+ people on Monday.

Greene suggested that LGBTQ people stop talking about their sexuality and complained about a transgender “invasion” in a 15-part Twitter thread that also attacked Vice President Kamala Harris and claimed that Americans don’t care about the “Delta” Covid variant.

The Republican lawmaker called herself a “regular” American and branded her fact-challenged rant a “message from America to the Swamp.”

Addressing the LGBTQ community, Greene wrote: “Your identity is not your sexual preference or what you like to do in the bedroom.”

She then attacked transgender females participating in women’s sports, claiming that “most Americans don’t agree with the invasion of Trans biological men in girls/women’s sports.”

“Don’t forget Dem voters have daughters too, and do NOT want biological men beating their girls,” she added.

Earlier in her rant she claimed that racism is over in the U.S. because “we’ve had a black POTUS, VP woman of color, black members of Congress, and so many successful & wealthy black Americans.”

She said she doesn’t have much respect for the “VP woman of color” or “black members of Congress,” claiming that “No one likes Kamala” and that she’s a “Big liability for Democrats in 2024.”

Many Twitter users responded to Greene’s attack on the LGBTQ community by pointing out a report by the DailyMail alleging the congresswoman had affairs with a tantric sex guru and a fitness gym manager.


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