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  1. The lady getting her haircut plays in the film adaptation of My Left Foot. The movie is based on a true story about a man named Christy Brown who was born with cp (cerebral palsy, my brother has it) and he only had use of this left. He learned how to use his left foot to paint and type. In the movie the lady plays Mary the woman who takes care of him and reads his book.

  2. What is so wrong with being gay or trans or bi a person is a person either way in Austraila there trying to sort this out and since I live here I want us to be free oh and guess what god made people for a reason to grow and make new things I bet he is pround of gays and same sex couples fro doing what they want

  3. In 2009, the Australian Government passed several laws designed to equalise treatment for same-sex couple families….the Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment in Commonwealth Laws-General Law Reform) Act 2008 and the Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment in Commonwealth Laws-Superannuation) Act 2008.

    The reforms amended 85 existing Commonwealth laws eliminating discrimination against same-sex couples and their children.These laws equalise treatment for same-sex couples and any children in the following areas – Aged care and child support, Citizenship, Health Insurance, Immigration, Superannuation, Social Security, Taxation and Veterans' Affairs. Marriage equality laws can quite easily be included in these same-sex laws as they already recognise same sex unions.

    These laws were passed with bipartisan support in the parliament. Even Bob Brown ( Greens) declared that we now have marriage equality. Same Sex marriage was deemed to be equivalent to marriage. At that point, marriage equality was legally and morally achieved. Changing the Marriage Act now will not enhance same sex marriage couples legal rights at all.

  4. You can have sex without marriage, its originally a religious thing after all, and you're disobeying that by being gay … its a contradiction.

    just fuck already

  5. I think this is not a question for the inhabitants, this is an humanity question, so it should be approved directly without referendum. In Spain we didn't vote, here was approved by the government directly and now they can be married, have sons… exactly equal like heterossexual marriage. Anyway I'm very happy for the final result supporting the equality in Ireland. I hope the same for all humans in the Earth =)

  6. good video but i dont get why they showoff a mark like there is no mark for straight people but lgbt has the rainbow idk why they made that number that tag of someone let them be like a human without a tag /brand no need flags for that show what or who you are .. you still human that is what matter whoever you love is your own call and others just live with it but please dont mark yourself

  7. They should not give gays the right to get married. They should take take government out of marriage. Marriage belong in the church. I would have voted NO.

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