45 Comments on “Merkel presses Putin on gay rights – BBC News”

  1. This is hilarious. She is talking about gay rights in Chechnya, the state that looks like some parts of Germany will look in the future.
    When Muslims start establishing sharia in parts of Germany, will Russian politicians criticise Germans for human rights abuses in those places? That would be gold.

  2. merkel wants all white males in her country gay and all muslims with white women if possible. she is similar to obama in the sense she wants to remove the white people from europe.

  3. The bible, kjv, says to Jews and Christians (they who desire His Word) alike, that they are to ABHOR that which is evil, and CLEAVE TO that which is good. And the Lord Jesus said that none is good, save one, that is, God. … it is a commandment IMPLYING that man has evil desires which he needs to overcome. Wherefore Putin's assertion that government should put difference between "being lgbt" and "promoting lgbt propaganda" seems both logical and correct from a theological perspective. There is a distinction too, I think, to be made between propaganda and art – although all art is political, propaganda is about putting before others that which they would not rather listen to or watch, with the intention of converting them to a certain point of view. In contrast, art is something a consumer chooses to watch, listen to, or purchase, knowing that it is art. The NY Times newspaper is not art, nor does it claim to be art, but a newspaper. Nevertheless, be careful how you interpret what you read, watch, or listen to. Filter. Like the device at the end of a cigarette, you only wish to take in "the good stuff".

  4. How about you keep your sexual orientation to yourself and stop using it for political purposes. What is Putin going to do tell people to give up there religious views and way of life? Same sex marriage is already legal in Russia. But most Russians are Christians and some are Muslims who both oppose gays.

  5. I'm gay myself, but are merkel really the woman that should brand herself as "LGBT supportive"?. Last time I saw the german vote in parliament about gay marriage, she voted against..

  6. Did Merkel really think that she would be able to change anything in that stupid man and his Russia in which it is impossible to live in if you are a little bit different? It's even dangerous to go there as a tourist. If something happens to you in Russia, there's a good chance that you will never get out of trouble for the rst of your life however short that maybe.

  7. An idiot politician who has betrayed her own nation now wants to advise another leader or more accurately socially pressure or bully him. Putin doesn’t seem like the type to ever be bullied.

  8. Putin was a teenage closet homosexual. 3 different men reported having had sexual intercourse with him in the late 70's. All 3 are dead today & locals won't talk about it

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