Meteorologist Fact Checks Fox News Host’s Fake News Freak Out Over Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’

Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz was forced to fact check one of the network’s co-hosts on Sunday over false information about so-called “Satan shoes” being promoted by out rapper Lil Nas X.

During the Fox News morning program Fox & Friends, co-host Jedediah Bila reported that the “Old Town Road” rapper is promoting the shoes, which feature “a drop of human blood.”

“You know who makes them? Nike!” co-host Pete Hegseth complained, erroneously. “Nike! That’s a Nike shoe with the sign of Satan on the top called ‘Satan shoes.’”

“Get out of here!” co-host Will Cain exclaimed. “There’s got to be more to this.”

“I saw it before the show,” Hegseth insisted. “So you can’t have the Betsy Ross flag but you can have Nike-made Satan shoes. It’s a real thing.”

“I feel like I’m missing a piece of information,” Cain complained.

“You’re not!” Hegseth stated. “Look it up. When up is down and down is up. And that’s exactly where we are in this culture.”

Bila then asked Klotz about the shoes before allowing him to talk about Saturday’s severe weather outbreak.

“Adam, would you buy those shoes?” she asked.

“I was going to dodge this,” Klotz said. “They’re not really Nike. They’re Nike shoes but there’s a middle man who bought Nike shoes and is turning them into these.”

“Oh, really?” Cain remarked.

“But Nike could sue them if they really wanted,” Hegseth stated.

“It’s still absurd,” Cain opined.

“So there’s your Nike shoe news that I’m able to do,” Klotz joked. “And also, I can do the weather.”

A spokesperson for Nike told Snopes last week that the shoe company was not involved in the creation or marketing of the “Satan shoes.”

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